Everybody has their own way of dressing up. But no matter how you want to style, there’s a wardrobe rule that needs to be obeyed. Whether boho is your style or you like to keep it all subtle, some clothing pairs just fill that void in your style. These ten clothing items must have a space in your closet.

1. An ethnic suit

If you like a good dose of ethnic wear in your everyday outfits, invest in a stunning Chikankari suit, a Patiala suit or any of these ethnic wears. Make sure to choose a color that compliments your skin tone. For a more glamorous look, pair this suit with some statement earrings. If you want to combine Indian and Western styles, pair your suits with jeans and white sneakers.

2. A blazer

A blazer is the perfect fit and another alluring essential that can add the oomph factor to most outfits. Choose a navy blue, red, multicolored or black one, it all comes to rescue when needed. If you think you can limit them to formal settings, think twice. Wear your blazer with straight cut dark wash jeans and a basic T-shirt, and accessorize with gold hoops and a messy bun. Voila! You’ve got a sharp and fashionable look for that Saturday night dinner.

3. Crewneck t-shirt

A well-fitted crewneck t-shirt with an attractive striped pattern is another one of those go-to outfit pieces that can save your life in the most dire fashion emergencies. Its versatility allows it to be worn with a pair of washed jeans, formal trousers, or even a medium-length skirt. You can also choose from a variety of make-up looks based on the exact color scheme and pattern. Choose a T-shirt with nautical stripes, also known as a Bateau shirt, for an extra dose of vogue.

4. Knit sweater

A perfect knit sweater can go with any outfit, whether it’s ripped boyfriend jeans or a flowing pleated skirt. Ideally, you should choose one made of a lighter material so that you can wear it throughout the year. Fold up the sleeves for a casual chic look, or keep it simple and elegant with some statement pieces. In the world of knit sweaters, minimal patterns and neutral colors are your best bet.

5. Denim jacket

A denim jacket is extremely utilitarian and thus essential to a woman’s wardrobe, making it ideal for almost every occasion and comes in abundant varieties. Have you checked the options of denims available online from the best of brands like Faballey, ONLY and many more. It’s also an androgynous outfit piece that adds a dash of effortless chic to any look. It can be worn season after season and can be paired with any outfit to up the trend factor. Though there are many different colors, styles, and details to choose from, the most versatile option is a classic medium wash.

6. Black pants

Not every workplace has a relaxed dress code, and many employers frown on employees wearing jeans to work. If that describes your workplace, you should definitely invest in another wardrobe staple. A classic pair of black ankle-length pants can add grace and ease to any formal or semi-formal look. Choose a pair made of a simple, stretchy material for all-day comfort without looking like a hobo.

7. Fitted denim jeans

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, it would be unethical to overlook a well-fitted pair of jeans. Choose a pair that emphasizes your hips and visually lengthens your legs. Dark wash jeans are particularly fashionable because they can be paired with almost any top while also keeping unexpected mishaps like stains at bay. When you put on a fashionable pair of jeans, you have the option of dressing up or down, going casual or extra put-together. There’s no rule against wearing accessories or shoes. You can wear elegant pumps or keep it casual with sneakers.

8. LBD: Little Black Dress

The significance of the Little Black Dress is just unavoidable because no matter what you accessorize or pair it, it always looks adorable. When it comes to putting together a dazzling outfit for an evening or a night out in the city, the little black dress is a convenient and inherently glamorous option to choose. You can easily shop for the best LBD from Faballey dresses. The LBD is timeless and elegant, and while it is a wardrobe staple, it also allows for a great deal of styling flexibility. You can accessorize your Little Black Dress with anything from classic pumps to gold jewelry to bright belts.

9. Knee-length skirt

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, certain bottom pieces are essential for any woman’s style quotient. A knee-length skirt in a solid color is a more feminine and dainty alternative to jeans or pants. This staple piece is just the right amount of casual and formal. Furthermore, it is versatile enough to be worn with a variety of blouses, shirts, or t-shirts, making it both work-friendly and trendy. 

10. A white shirt

A white button-down shirt is one of those clothing pieces that can never go wrong. It’s simple yet elegant. You can pair the shirt with any pair of formal pants, whether in solid colors or striped patterns, for a formal look. There is nothing more classic and timeless than a basic white shirt and blue jeans outfit for a casual look. Even within the category of a white button-down shirt, there is a wide range of detail options ranging from ruffles to Chinese collars to embellished buttons. This wardrobe staple is likely to be a lifesaver, especially if you can’t be bothered to think of unique outfits.

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