Irrespective of gender, introvert people can be hard to read at times. Especially an introvert woman can be a wholesome mystery. They have the different layers of personality and yet they are very silent. Hence, it gets really tricky to understand what they have in mind. But with little patience and consideration, you can have a very fulfilling relationship with such a woman. Usually introverts are very sensitive, caring and only open up with those they trust. If you can earn the respect and trust of such a person, they will form a bond for lifetime with you.

Ask question but nothing too personal

Introverts rarely would talk about themselves unless you probe with specific questions. Hence, if you want to know them better, you need to keep asking them the exact question. It would be more like an interview. You need to take the initiative. Sometimes extremely introvert people forget to ask you about yourself. It is a basic nature so do not get avoided. They are most likely to respond to your questions and add a “What about you?” to communicate.

Express through gestures

Introverts are not uncomfortable with silence or gestures. In fact, they cherish them. As a result, even intimacy needs to be expressed through gestures. For example, if you are well into the relationship and she is comfortable around you, present her an anime sex doll. It would be a fun surprise. If you are lucky, she will take the hint really well and you will enjoy the most romantic day of your life.

Be an active listener

Unlike popular belief, introverts can get very talkative once they are comfortable. They may seem silent and brooding, but they are actually very goofy people when they are around people they love and trust. If you become such a part of her life, you would be surprised by how much she can keep talking. Once your relationship gets into this phase, you must play the role of an active listener. Note that, if your partner realise you are not very much interested in what they are saying, they will immediately cease being so expressive.

Put efforts to understand them

In certain cases, the person is extremely introvert and no amount of effort seems to open them up. This is when you have to put in extra effort to understand their silence. You should not lose patience. It is likely that your partner simply do not talk much by nature. You cannot force them to change their innate characteristics. The best solution would be putting effort in learning to live with the differences.

Read between the lines

Lastly, the ability to read between the lines would be particularly helpful when you have a partner that is introvert. When you are able to read their silences, it will create a beautiful and strong bond between the partners. They are more likely to trust and rely on you too in such a situation.

An introvert woman is likely to talk less but they are often more sensitive and caring than anyone else you meet. The key is to understand them and accordingly nurture the relationship. When you are going an extra mile to make the relationship work with such a person, you would get back the same level of appreciation and dedication from them.