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Who does not love luxury? The purpose of life, after all, is to seek quality and comfort. But luxury comes at a price, not necessarily of money. The notion that many people hold is that luxury costs bags full of bucks. This pushes back many to cherish it due to it being considered costly. But luxury is not always about money, it is about management. There are ways that you can follow to shape your house into luxury like the Top Interior Designing Companies in India do. We spoke to the experts of Radvi, India’s Best Luxury Property Builders, and they revealed to us the forbidden secrets. We will reveal to you those secrets in this article.

They say about luxury that it manifests itself when there appears flawlessness in the environment!

Best Interior design tips on how to make your house look like a villa!

When we talk about luxury, we talk about the sensory details. After all, it is our senses that tell if a thing is pleasing or pitiless. Take eyes for example, if a colour is unpleasant for the eyes, we go through a terrible experience. This is what remains at the heart of interior designing. All the top interior designing companies in India work around these elements. These elements are what we will be focusing on to help you create luxury inside a home. These are the elements of interior design –

  • Colour
  • Space
  • Shape or Form
  • Mass
  • Line
  • Light
  • Texture
  • Pattern

Making changes around these elements can make any home possess the qualities of a luxury villa. Some of these changes could be costly and others could take time, but they sure will help you conjure luxury out of nowhere.

Take care of the colour in the home!

The Colours of a house can make a huge impact on what we perceive from it. It is the colour that we humans hold so dearly. Choose the wrong colour combination and you will feel like the world is going through some holocaust. When it comes to interior design, the top interior designing companies in India work around colour theory.

Colour theory speaks about the relation between colours and how humans perceive these colours. There is a reason why some colour combinations create chaos and why some create bliss.

When it comes to colour, you have to create a colour palette that you’d be using inside your home – from walls to furnishings. A monochromatic palette is something that can wash your home with shades of class and calm. Take care of low-keys, high-keys, and neutral tones.

The light must flow freely!

The suggestion is not to wash your home with sun-like intensity. What you need to do is to be creative with the light. Light has the ability to make a house feel dull or to enliven it with freshness. There are two main sources of light that you can make use of –

  • Natural Light
  • Artificial Light

Natural lights are a great addition to bedrooms and living rooms. Radvi, India’s Best Luxury Property Builders, says that creative use of light remains the top priority. Here are a few tips on how to handle lighting –

  • Buy some wall paintings and use sconces or trail lights to highlight that painting. Ensure that the painting is within your colour palette.
  • Using pendant lights in the kitchen or dining can be a great addition to your luxury with little to no extra cost.
  • Allow big windows to let natural light wash your living room and bedroom. Natural light has been proven to release happy hormones in our bodies and thus elate our moods. Whereas, a lack of natural light has been found to lead to depression. There is a reason why people feel depressed in the winters. We call this SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Cornice lighting is another valuable addition to your luxury.
  • Usher lights could be used in the house near stairs or entrance.

Lines or Curves?

Lines and curves dictate how the geometry speaks within the home. Look at any ancient or modern architecture and you’ll notice how lines create magic out of nowhere. Lines provide a home with superiority and class. However, lines must be used rightly. The top interior designing companies in India revere lines and curves for all the right reasons.

Lines could form from anything. An arrangement of your furniture could give rise to lines. It could be your vertical doors, stairs, bannisters, lines on wall paint, or long Italian columns, that give rise to lines. Include tall columns inside your home to add a touch of grandness.

Dining area – we are where we eat!

The thing that many people ignore is that the dining area holds high value in luxurious villas. Ask any top interior designing company and you’ll hear the emphasis being put on the dining area.

Your dining area must be designed well. Depending upon how many people are there in the family, choose the dining size. Make sure to not put any dress/skirt on your chairs if you have a small dining area. It will block the vision and make you feel suffocated.

Your floor will take you to the skies!

Do not ignore what is below your feet. Science says that we tend to notice our ground a lot because we have evolved in the wild. This helped us in avoiding the dangers around. Although the dangers are not anymore, our tendency to notice the ground remains.

You’d want to plan your floor according to the colour scheme you have decided to go for. If you live in a hot environment, avoid going for wood. It will trap the heat and make you sweat more. Instead, go for stones or marbles. They attract the cool from the ground and transfer it to our feet. Ask the interior designing companies around you or any known person to guide you around the flooring.

Home Automation!

In the modern world, nothing defines luxury as finely as home automation does. The modern definition of luxury includes home automation. If you do not have it, you lack something for sure. The good thing about home automation is that it does not cost much. If you are under budget, you’d want to use home automation for the areas that are more visible. For example, your lighting is something that could be automated and make your home seem to be luxury-sodden. Get help from the top interior designing companies in India around you regarding home automation. Radvi India’s Best Luxury Property Builders has been helping luxury properties with things like this.

Here are some of the home automation ideas for you –

  • Automated CCTV security
  • Home lightings
  • voice control inside the home
  • personal home theatre with surround sound
  • water temperature regulation
  • plant irrigation with wireless technology at hand

These are a few of the many areas that could be automated using the technology available around.

Luxury is not just about cost, it is about details and the flawlessness in those details. If someone enters your home and feels the heavenly comfort flowing around, know that you have achieved luxury. Know that you’d not want to stuff your home with materials. Even the minimal architectural style can be turned into a luxury villa. At last, work with quality in mind.

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