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I absolutely adore outfits for tomboys, as I am one myself. In school days I was appreciated for my sense of dressing.  The stereotypical belief people have on tomboys is that we are not straight and we definitely like women. I am married to a man, and I still dress like a tomboy. Do your homework judgemental societies.

The androgynous nature of tomboyish fashion is always relevant, every girl at one stage of their life have flirted with this look, I am sure of it. The word tomboy was invented in the sixteenth century but tomboy styles came back big time via the garconnes of the 1930s Jazz Age. women started adapting it more when Vogue termed it as a “trim and Boyish look.”

For inspiration, we can definitely go back to Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, and then fast forward to Ellie Goulding, Doja Cat, Kristen Stewart, and of course Cara Delevingne. By these celebrities, we can realize that the tomboy clothing style is not dead rather it’s well and living.

In this article, we will be covering the best tomboy outfits. Outfits for tomboys are really cool than being girly all the time. “Many of which you can find at BloomChic!  (Here’s an awesome BloomChic promo code from”

10 Best Outfits For Tomboys

To all the tomboys who love wearing baddie tomboy outfits, sing with me

“Princess or Queen, tomboy or king. You have heard a lot you have never seen. Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top, Devine feminine, I am feminine”.

1. Casual

This is a tomboy outfit. A white round neck tee with classic grey slacks along with Adidas sneakers. Avoid wearing socks with them.

Accessorise it with a pair of black round spectalcles and a black belt wristwatch. Keep your hair open if is short or else tie it into a high pony.

2. Suit 

This attire is one of the coolest outfits for tomboys. This style is all about the blazer. Pair it with sneakers.

To make it look more attractive wear a simple black bracelet under the blazer. You can also carry a big leather bag with it. Make sure you wear just the inner beneath the Balzer. Let your cleavage play a bit hide and seek.

3. Boots

Pairing tomboy clothes with combat boots. Is the ultimate style for all outfits for tomboys.

Pair these beautiful boots with torn denim mom jeans and an oversized Balzer.

You can add some bracelets with it and a cool shade, while your hair keeps flowing.

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4. Double Leather

If you ask me, I would say that covering the top and the bottom with leather is a bold move, that most tomboys themselves cannot handle. But if you can, the result is going to be tomboy heaven.

Pair it up with white sneakers, as the outfit is black, a low ponytail, and obviously a pair of aviators.

5. Matching Trousers

Another tomboy style clothing is when you try out some oversized Blazer with matching trousers. Let the color be the same, pick a grey one or absolutely navy. To add some spice, carry a big shoulder bag and wear sneakers. Have your hair in a low bun with a middle parting. 

6. Slacks

Among many outfits for tomboys, this one is easy to carry. All you have to do is wear a low V neck tee and on top a leather jacket. Have your nails in a vibrant shade add some bracelets and rings to your hands. Keep the hair open.

7. Buttoned Up Top

For cute tomboy outfits, you can simply choose a buttoned-up full sleeve top, and pair it with jeans. For shoes go for converse. Keep your nails short, wear aviators. A cute bag with it, won’t hurt.

8. Biker Jacket

This style has always fascinated every tomboy, once, in our life, we had a biker jacket. Pair it up ripped jeans and converse. Carry a sling bag, you can keep your hair long, but a short pixie is going to rock the look even more.

9. Classic Skinnies

Tight low waist jeans are almost gone, but to have a classy skinny look, you need a pair of tight jeans. You can wear a simple t-shirt with it and have a leather jacket by your side. Fr shoes go boot heels and also types of earrings. You can wear a simple flat neck chain with it.

10. Vest Suit

Wearing a vest suit is quite challenging, but if you are confident enough to carry it around like a boss then pair it with trousers, and for shoes get a pair of Monk. Sor shades wear black cat eye. Don’t wear any jewelry as well as any inner.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with the best outfits for tomboys. This article does not only have the names of the style but instructions on how to wear it.

Tomboy style is one in a million that only a few women can slay. If you think you can beat that record, then start with your creative thoughts on how to modify a tomboy look.  Leave a comment in the comment section and share your experience with us.