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BMW enthusiasts often want better car performance, but such upgrades can be expensive. For people on a budget, the option of performance parts you can buy may be limited. Some of the more affordable upgrades, however, still increase power significantly and can help you save money. This article covers some effective ways to improve your BMW’s performance on a budget.


Exhausts are the most noticeable upgrade in your BMW. You will immediately notice better sound from the exhaust and enjoy a better throttle response. Plenty of BMW auto shops offer quality exhaust systems to help improve airflow from your engine. By increasing the engine’s breathing ability, your BMW will deliver more power with each pedal push. The exhaust system is generally not an expensive upgrade and should fit your budget.

Tires and Wheels

Tires are among the most efficient upgrades you can make since they improve traction and torque. You can select the different brands to find tire options that fit your budget. High-quality BMW dealerships will stock different wheel types to help make your car look sportier and improve grip while in motion. You will notice that your car will be easier to handle when you have larger and wider wheels.

Chip Tuning

Instead of a complete engine rebuild, which can be expensive, you can install performance chips to improve engine performance. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) helps remap your engine to either improve performance or better the car’s fuel economy.

The ECU acts as a plug-and-play instrument and will improve your engine’s performance through software tuning. A certified BMW mechanic can ensure that your chip is the best fit and get you the desired results.


Engine performance often relies on the amount of air and fuel that mix in the combustion chamber. Installing a cold air intake is a cost-effective way of improving airflow to your engine for better performance.

The intake also lowers temperature and resistance, allowing your car to perform well even in hard conditions. With such an upgrade, you enjoy better horsepower, throttle response, and torque.

Fuel Injection

In addition to a cold-air intake, you can install a fuel injection pump upgrade to improve performance. The fuel injection is responsible for pushing the required fuel amount in the engine for the combustion process. You should install the most efficient fuel pump in your car to allow your engine to perform optimally.

Efficient fuel injection upgrades can be pricey, but they improve the fuel economy. This will help you save dollars on gas money, making operating your car more cost-effective.


When improving a car’s performance, you need to make sure your BMW uses its power efficiently. Engine power drives more than your BMW’s wheels. Other systems, like the power steering pump, alternator, water, and AC pumps also use power. This causes parasitic loss and can decrease horsepower and torque.

Since such systems are essential for running your vehicle, consider installing upgrades like power pulleys. The pulleys return some of the lost power to the axle to help turn your wheels. Installing pulleys can increase horsepower and is a relatively affordable upgrade.

Performance Kit

The amount of drag your car experiences while in motion affects performance, so it would help to improve the build features. A BMW performance kit contains items like side skirts, struts, and rear diffusers to reduce the drag force your car experiences while moving.

Work with a certified BMW mechanic shop that deals in genuine BMW’s performance kits to help improve throttle response. As a bonus, additions like spoilers and kidney grilles make your car look sportier.

BMW’s performance kits comprise all these modification parts and can sometimes come at a discounted price. You may spend less on the performance kit than on every item individually, offering you value for money.


Some drivers feel uneasy when exploring their car’s performance potential because they’re unsure about its handling. Getting suspension upgrades, like adjustable coilovers, will improve the car’s looks and make it easier to handle.

Suspension upgrades are usually well priced. With suspension upgrades, you can enjoy easier handling when driving, allowing you to push the car to proper performance limits.

Drivetrain Mounts

BMWs come with rubber mounts for the subframe and differential, which can be soft. The original mounts constantly result in drivetrain deflection, causing power loss. Upgrading the drivetrain mounts can help improve your BMW’s performance.

Many professionals recommend installing polyurethane drivetrain mounts to prevent power deflection. This will result in better control of your car while behind the wheel and an improved throttle force without spending too much.

Improve Your BMW Performance on A Budget

Car upgrades do not have to be extremely expensive. You can improve BMW performance on a budget using the above parts. Work with experts to help you determine potential upgrades you can install depending on your budget and needs.

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