The market for video games and digital games is growing as a result of technological advancements. People today are not only interested in playing games; they also want to create their own. In the middle of this, the market is being paced by online game development. Online game creation courses can be a blessing to launch a career in online gaming development with the emergence and expansion of technology. You will discover the fundamentals of this industry in this blog, including the prerequisites, elements, abilities, etc.

What Is Game Development?

It describes the ability to create video games virtually using various methods and tools. As video games gain popularity, there is a growing demand for game production. Online gaming typically comes in two varieties:

Game of Skills: The term “game of skills” refers to games that are played based on past knowledge or expertise. Take the game of Rummy.

Game of Chance: Games of chance are those that are played at random and depend on luck. Games of chance include, for instance, dice games, picking a number, etc.

You need to enroll in game development certificate online courses to learn how to develop games. 

Steps in Online Game Development

1. Idea Generation

This is the very first stage in which the developer and the concept builder conceptualize a certain goal. The fundamentals of online game development, such as its conception and goals, are the focus of this phase.

2. Designing

Characters, plot development, audio, video, and other gaming elements are chosen in this step to give the client the intended result. In this stage, the approach for careful planning and the elements that go along with it are acquired.

3. Development

In this process stage, developers begin to code and programme. In this phase, the idea from the earlier stages comes to life, and the assigned components’ assigned features—such as characters, tales, etc.—are implemented.

4. Presentation

It is the stage of ongoing evaluation where additional audio and visual development occurs. Here, there is a successful integration of numerous elements, such as character, audio, video, art, etc.

5. Testing Stage

This is one of the crucial phases in online game development for giving the video game project the appropriate effectiveness. This stage evaluates whether the creation of the online game has been validated. The tester completes it, and if an error or problem is found, it is returned to the developer for confirmation.

6. Deployment Stage

It is the last stage before making the project available to the public. This phase involves many different elements, including marketing, advertising, etc.

Technical Skills Needed for Game Development

  • Programming and coding
  • Knowledge of software development
  • Adept in animation and graphics
  • Knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Identifying bugs and faults
  • Problem-solving mentality
  • Innovative thinking
  • Story narration and scripting ability

Online Gaming Development Jobs

Online game development involves numerous stages, and each stage is essential to the game’s overall growth. Game development certificates online can help us plan our careers in this industry. There are numerous roles connected to this, including the following:-

Game Architects

Since they choose the overall design and architecture of the gaming environment, they are the original game builders. They specify how crucial game elements like characters should be arranged and structured.

Game Developers

Using their coding and programming skills, they ensure that the game’s essential elements exist. They create a step-by-step algorithm for each game mechanic.

Game Animators

Game animators are in charge of the gameplay’s audio and visual effects. The gameplay in a gaming environment refers to the stories that direct how different characteristics, such as graphics, are used.

Game Testers

They are mostly in charge of approving internet games. Depending on the project’s demands, they carry out the type of testing and discover bugs and faults.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Every stage of online game development is examined and scrutinized. The QA engineers thoroughly review each step of the game development process using the established standards and methodology. As they must assess the finished product before it is released, quality assurance engineers have the ability to develop a test plan.


Online gaming is surely a popular vocation; it may provide many benefits and prospects for advancement. According to reports, India has the fastest-rising percentage of New Paying Users (NPUs) worldwide, rising from 40% in 2020 to 50% in 2021. Additionally, the market for online gaming is expanding at a CAGR of 8% in China and 10% in the USA.

The bottom line is that obtaining the crucial and necessary knowledge in online game development requires obtaining the game development certificate online. You can enroll in one of the certification programs offered by Hero Vired to learn more about creating online games and obtain a game developer certificate.

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