Muck shoes have their own uniqueness and elegance. They provide protection to your feet and jeans button from the harsh environment, especially in rainy weather. To clean your muck shoes, you can go for Dubai laundry services and shoe cleaning service near me.

But when we talk about the smelly muck shoe, you will have to adopt measures to keep the shoes fresh and odorless. When you neglect to wash your shoes after a certain time, they will smell bad and you can ruin your favorite shoes.

Reason for smelly muck boots

Your muck boots get smelly when you do not care about taking them off in humid weather or after going in the rain. When the boots remain wet their texture will absorb moisture and that causes a smell when you again use the same boots. There are chances to grow molds and fungus at the inner sole that can cause a foul smell. You can protect your muck shoes from getting smelly by taking the following steps.

  • Take out the insole and hang it in the air
  • Soaking muck boots in baking soda solution
  • Soft brush scrubbing
  • Hang them out to dry

Take out the insole and hang it in the air

The first step you need to take is to remove the insole of your muck boots. This will allow excess air to enter your shoe surface. Hang out the insole in the air to have a sun treatment that will kill the bacteria and fungi causing a bad smell.

Soaking muck boots in baking soda solution

Make a solution of baking soda in water to treat the muck shoe and dissolve the soda completely in water. Baking soda is a natural odor removing agent that diminishes the smell caused by humidity and bacterial growth. On the other hand, it also acts as dehydrate, as it removes the excess moisture from any surface.

Although you can hire a shoe cleaning service near me for this purpose, to do it in a thorough way and completely diminish odor you need to use the baking soda technique at home. Place your boots inside the baking soda solution for 30 minutes. The odor starts minimizing

Soft brush scrubbing

When you find your boots soaked for 30 minutes, take a soft brush and scrub your boot’s inner and outer surface gently. In this way, you will be able to remove the extra debris and the bacterial residues inside your shoes.

Hang them out to dry

When you finish washing and scrubbing your muck boots, dry them completely before wearing them again. Do not let any moisture remain inside your boots. You can place it in the air or outside your house in shade, or use paper towels to place it inside your boots.


Muck shoes are the best outdoor choice because of their enthusiastic sense. It is very important to take care of your shoes from stains and bad smells. You can go for a shoe cleaning service near me or Dubai laundry services to clean your muck shoes but in order to free them from foul smell try to use some expert and natural means at home.

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