Enjoying Netflix or watching an intense cricket match, it’s normal to feel hungry at the climax points. It’s natural that you start feeling hungry when you spend some time in front of the screen. There might be several reasons behind it. However, the most common sense is that when you are watching your favorite shows or a match, you forget about time. You spend hours sitting at the same place. This will result in strong hunger pangs. 

The quick and easy way to treat this hunger is to prepare some Noodles for yourself. Wait a minute, don’t you get bored of regular packed noodles. It’s time to try Chow Mein with the same traditional noodles and a variety of new tastes and flavors. You can make Chow Mein using various ways. However, chicken Chow Mein is one of the most popular cuisines. This pure Chinese cuisine which started in the northern side of the country has now become famous all across the globe. From subcontinental to American regions, everyone loves having Chow Mein. 

Making it by following a regular chicken Chow Mein recipe is not a challenging task. However, making it delicious could be a challenge for you. But you don’t need to panic about it. We will tell you the way by which you can make your Chicken Chow Mein more delicious than ever. These ways are discussed below.

Selecting the Right Noodles 

Selecting the noodle type will affect the taste and flavor of this delicious cuisine. Though you can use any type of noodles to make them, it’s best to keep some preferences in mind. Make sure that the noodles you are using are not very thin or thick. They must be average-sized. Give priority to those noodles, which are made with pure wheat flour. Moreover, make sure that they also contain some egg contents in them. Eggs and wheat flour will give the typical texture and taste to these noodles, which is a trademark of Chow Mein. 

Boiling the Noodles

Boiling the noodles is one of the most crucial steps in making perfect and Delicious Chicken Chow Mein. Most people don’t pay heed to this step and consider it regular boiling of the noodles and end up getting sticky or mushy noodles. If you, too, are repeating the same mistake again and again, then it’s time to correct it. Make sure to boil noodles with precision to make the perfect Chicken Chow Mein. Follow the following tips to boil them perfectly.

• Never add the noodles to cold water. First, keep the water on the stove and let it boil. When the water starts boiling, then add the noodles to it. If you add them to the cold water and then keep it on the stove, the noodles will become mushy.

• Make sure to add some salt to the water when boiling noodles. This will make them perfectly seasoned with salt and attain their typical salt.

• Don’t leave noodles in hot water when they get boiled. Take them from the stove immediately and drain them. After that, place them in cold water for a few minutes. This will prevent them from getting mushy due to entrapped steam and heat. 

Adding Vegetables

Make sure to add some vegetables to the Chow Mein. Though you are making chicken Chow Mein, adding vegetables will add some more flavors to it. Adding vegetables does not mean that you add them like you are making a vegetarian Chow Mein. Add them in a little amount along with chicken gravy. Make sure to chop the vegetables well and fry them on a high flame. Then add chicken gravy followed by boiled noodles to make them perfectly.

Experts’ Suggestion

Following these suggestions from experts will make your Chicken Chow Mein more delicious than ever. 

• Always cook the Chow Mein on a high flame. This will make them more tasty with a fine smoky flavor.

• Using some sauces will add more flavor and taste to it. Oyster sauce and soy sauce will go well with it. 


Now you have all the tips and methods in your hand to make perfect Chicken Chow Mein at home. What are you waiting for, head towards the kitchen and start making it.