In recent years, with the A-League in East Asia, the promotion of the FIFA Club World Cup and the growing number of competitions on the Asian continent, leagues and clubs have paid more attention to Asian competition. For example, Kawasaki Frontage has gained a lot of enthusiasm in Hong Kong, thanks to its participation in the AFC Champions League in the 2007 season and its excellent championship management and competitiveness in Asian competitions, given the AFC have promoted the J. League to the top league and have had a total of four cracks since 2009. The failure has taken advantage of the opportunity to sell out rights. TV broadcasts should be broadcast overseas, especially in Asia.

The clash between the two most important clubs in Spanish football

 covering approximately 650 million viewers in 180 countries. In the case of Spain, celebrities typically gather more than 14 million people in front of the TV. The Champions League is the most watched annual sporting event in the world. However, the show of this tournament is unique, as the number of spectators varies according to the clubs competing in the final. For example, the turnout for the Champions League final reached 350 million in 2018, when Real Madrid beat 스포츠중계 FC at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev. The game was played in more than 226 countries, a milestone never seen in the history of the tournament.

The Super Bowl

As mentioned earlier, the Rugby World Cup is the third most watched sport in the world. The global audience for the world’s highest rugby union tournament is second only to the Olympics and the World Cup.

with more than 857 million viewers worldwide via television, making it the most -watched tournament in the history of the game. This figure represents a 26% increase over the previous British championship. In addition, the final between South Africa and England, which ended in a Springboks victory, was the most recent tournament in the Rugby World Cup with around 44.9 million spectators. .

The Super Bowl is the game of the year in the United States,

 Before the NBA Finals or Major League Baseball. The meeting was equally important to our zero prediction group, where we have been helping since the beginning of the season to determine the best chances of achieving more in February. Over the past decade, TV viewership of the game, which coincides with the American Football Conference (AFC) champions and the National Football Conference (NFC), has recently fallen to 100 million viewers, excluding the United States. , in the 2019 edition  In fact, more than 102 million viewers watched the 54th edition of this year’s Super Bowl on television, which saw the show with Jennifer Lopez and Shaker at half -time, which the Kansas City Chiefs beat San Francisco to the 49ers.

At Super Bowl LV, which ran during opening hours Sunday through Monday, Feb. 8, 2021, where Brady’s Bucs faced Mahomet’s Chiefs, CBS was seen as one of the worst viewers in the 15th. last year. And this despite the impressive production of The Weekends in the Halftime Show which included a final speech in the presence of Spanish artist Rosalía, who collaborated with the Canadian musician on her recent music video mai. Later for sporting events in Spain, the Catalan singer did not participate in the show.


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