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Bristol Community Colleges are becoming more and more popular among people who are looking for an affordable higher education option. If you’re considering a degree from one of the top Bristol Community Colleges in 2020, it can be a huge advantage to figure out which colleges offer the best courses and programs. We’ve helped you save some time by providing the full list of all schools within this state, complete with tuition rates and rankings.

In 2020, there will be many new Bristol Community Colleges that may better serve your need for affordable education — including BRISTOL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY at USPORTS Williams Field Campus in Bristol, RI.

BCC Admissions:

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Interesting facts about BCCC:

Bristol Community College was established in 1966 by a group of Rhode Island residents. It has since evolved into an important part of the State’s educational system.

In 2000, the Rhode Island Board of Governors established the Bristol Community College District. The institution subsequently expanded its influence and influence to other communities in Rhode Island, including Portsmouth, Woonsocket and Central Falls. In 2001, Bristol Community College was granted regional accreditation with authority to grant associate degrees on its own behalf; this was a significant step towards expansion and development in Rhode Island as a whole.

The college itself has grown globally since then, having now attained regional accreditation from Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

BCC Acceptances:

Founded in 1839, Bristol Community College is one of the oldest public two-year colleges in the United States. The college is located in a small city with a population less than 80,000 people and neighboring Rhode Island. Bristol Community College provides undergraduate and graduate programs alongside access to workforce training and affordable higher education to students from all over the world that come here to study. Students must maintain a 3.

How to Apply:

Students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to enroll at the college. They must also meet the minimum requirements for reading, writing and mathematics set by the college. The students need to submit an application for admission and program completion certificate along with official transcripts from high school to complete their application process. The students can apply online through the colleges website which can be found. Log in to AccessBCC using this address.

Tuition and Financial Aid:

The college charges no tuition fees for enrollment in associate degree programs but there is a charge of $25 per semester credit hour that includes course materials, activities and programs that benefit students apart from classes like childcare, computer labs etc.

Group Rates:

The college offers group rates for individuals and organizations that have employees or students from the same institute. The rate is set each academic year.

Financial Aid:

Students can apply for financial aid for any course of study at Bristol Community College including undergraduate and graduate programs and workforce training. The Financial Aid Office in the college provides information about financial aid; however, it is the responsibility of applicants to gather the necessary documents to be considered for federal financial aid like Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Federal Tax returns, copies of social security cards, proof of income etc. The Financial Aid Office also requires students to meet with a financial aid counselor prior to enrolling in classes.

Applying To Other Community Colleges:

Students can apply to other community colleges in Connecticut and New England under a process called dual enrollment. The college provides information about the program to both students and employers as well as advising students on how to succeed at this process.


After graduating from the college, students are qualified for employment by different community service organizations or government departments that offer part-time or full-time positions. A bachelor’s degree is required for most jobs that are related to IT or engineering subjects. The median starting salaries for graduates with bachelor’s degree from Bristol Community College is $51,000 which is higher than average national percentage reported by PHD Finder at around $41,000.