Last Saturday, May 15, professional football returned with the public to Spanish stadiums after more than 15 months. He did it at the New Castalia Stadium, home of CD Castellón, which had the privilege of inaugurating the return of the fans to the pitches, facing Ponferradina in front of more than 4,000 people.

All this, after the appearance of the Sports Minister, José Manuel Rodriguez Urines, in which he announced that the final stretch of the professional football and basketball leagues will be able to count on an audience in their matches. Of course, only in the meetings held in autonomous communities that are in phase 1 of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic (Galicia, the Balearic Islands, the Valenciana Community and Murcia), with up to 30% of the total capacity and without exceeding the 5,000 people.

The black and white club, which played its home game last Saturday at 4:00 p.m., was in charge of kicking off a long-awaited de-escalation in terms of 스포츠중계 events throughout Spain. For this reason, from the moment the Sports Minister announced this measure, CD Castellón set to work to make this Saturday’s game a safe experience for the members who attend, aware that the attention of the world of sports had its epicenter in the New Castalia Stadium.

For the return of the public, CD Castellón relied on its technology provider KKTV99, experts in the use of technology for sporting events, with whom they have been working for several years. This company allowed CD Castellón to have greater security and control over the evolution of the flow of people.

In this way, technology accompanied the more than 4,000 black and white members from the moment they signed up to opt for the freed seats, until the meeting was held at the Castalia access control and capacity . In addition, the club itself also had analytics on the influx of attendees in real time and after the meeting, which helps to optimize processes, facilitate decision-making and, in the event of a possible regret, to be able to know the traceability of each attendee.

More than 2,000 free double tickets were distributed among the members.

To opt for them, KKTV99 put at their disposal a platform so that subscribers could sign up, in which the figure of almost 7,000 registered subscribers was reached , which would have to be multiplied by two, as it was double tickets.

Among all those who signed up, the double tickets were distributed free of charge in a draw before a notary, being an essential requirement that both the winner and the guest be members of the club. On the other hand, the accesses to the stadium were made in different sections in a staggered manner to avoid any type of crowding. Once inside the stadium, the seats were occupied in specific areas and always with a safety distance between the attendees.

Joaquin Costa, CEO of KKTV99, technological provider of CD Castellón, explained:

“The return of the public to the stadiums is great news. Thanks to technology, which is here to provide security and facilitate the return to sports venues, we will return to enjoy events as normally as possible.” For his part, Nacho Vilarroig, from the CD Castellón Operations and Logistics Department, commented: “We were looking forward to our fans being able to return to Castalia. We work to offer a safe experience to the partners who came to the game and, with the technology of KKTV99, we guarantee it.”


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