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Reading comics books is a great way to learn about new characters and worlds. There are also some fantastic graphic novels that have been turned into quality films which might inspire you to rent them. Most libraries, schools, and bookstores give away their old comics for free so it’s worth browsing around in your local area. But if you want more than the basic resources, check out these websites where you can enjoy comic books online for free!

Comic Book Resources: Watch movies online, read comic spoilers online, download comics from publishers such as Marvel and DC. A must-visit website if you’re a Marvel or DC fan but does not publish its own content.

Digital Comic Museum:

Free online comics books. This website displays the same comics available in Google Books but offers a much wider range of options. It’s like going to the library and picking out your own comic books. The website also has a creator forum where you can discuss your favorite comic books with other fans.


This is the go-to site for webcomics. It has a massive library of over 10,000 free online comics including Bizarro, Zippy the Pinhead, Amontron and more!


This site is dedicated to gamers but it does offer a wide variety of free webcomics such as Sinfest and Irregular Webcomic. Manhwa readers and manga comics are available for free at Webtoon Xyz.

Penny Arcade:

This site also has online comics but focuses on gaming with its flagship webcomic, Penny Arcade. It’s a satirical look at the gamer lifestyle.


This site is the perfect place for niche and geeky webcomics. It has a massive library of over 2,000 webcomics including The Wotch, Sweet Apple Massacre and Slightly Damned.

A Comic Shop Locator:

If you’re more into hard copies but are still looking for free comics, then this website is ideal for you! Just type in your zip code or state/province to find your nearest shop that sells comic books.

Comic Extra:

This is a great website with a wide range of free comic books and classic comic strips to read online. The site also has a handy “Mystery Comics” section where you can find out what comics are coming out in the next few months.

Giant Sized Comics:

This website offers a massive library of classic comic strips and illustrations that are perfect for reading online. The site also offers downloadable files so if you don’t have time to read them, you can print them!

Comics Village:

This website is dedicated to Marvel and DC characters but does not publish its own content.


This is possibly one of the best websites on the internet if you’re looking to read digital comics. It’s definitely one of the most popular, because it currently has thousands of free comics from Marvel and DC. There’s a paywall for buying individual issues but for those that are looking for simplicity in getting started with their comic reading habit, this is your best bet.

Dark Horse:

If you’re looking to buy digital comics from Dark Horse, you can do so through Dark Horse themselves. But if you’re looking to actually own the comic in hard copy form, then this website will be able to help with that. Dark Horse Digital offers free and paid content that can be accessed on a wide range of devices and operating systems. This is one of the best websites for doing your comic book shopping for free.


Marvel Comics allows their individual publishers to create their own digital comics via Marvel’s website. These are available to be read on the website or on their various apps. There is a paywall for getting full access to the comics, but you can view some of the free comics that are published by Marvel.

DC Comics:

Another service from DC Comics. This offers you a large amount of free digital comics that can be accessed through their website. You can even use this website for reading on your computer and then transferring them to your phone or tablet for reading later on.

Free Comic Book Day:

Typical for a free comic book site, we see some stellar deals here! This is one of the best websites around if you’re looking to save money when it comes down to purchasing great stories.

Read Full Comic:

On this website, they have a pretty good selection of comics. This can be a good place to check out if you’re looking for new and exciting stories to read.


If you’re looking to read comics on your phone, then ComicBlitz is probably the best option for doing so. They allow you read all the current and past issues of your favorite comics for free. They also offer digital versions of issues for those that wish to purchase them later on.

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