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Pigeons across a range of states and countries are considered as the most desirable pet choice for many. Do you know why? For a long time, Pigeons are equated with being magical. They are not only known for their beautiful exteriors, they are also known for being faithful and resilient. They are also friendly. We’ve all heard about Pigeons. are renowned as messengers of notes and letters prior to the introduction online and phones. Beyond that of the subject, what is there to know about Pigeons all over the world?

They are extremely flexible and are able to live on every continent and country. The birds have made this whole globe their home. The different cultures of the world describe Pigeon in many ways. Many people also associate Pigeons as a symbol of peace and love. In addition they are also regarded as symbolizing sacrifice dreams, social kindness, understanding, and kindness. Let’s move ahead and learn about the fascinating facts and undiscovered information about the top birds of the world.

Types of Pigeons Kabootar

Also called kabootar/kabutar in India Pigeons are been associated with humans dating back more than 5 000 years ago. They’ve occupied and proven their presence in a number of nations, continents, and regions, including cities and the countryside. They were not just popular with people, but were also popular associated with athletes, breeders and even in conflicts.

There are two kinds of pigeons around the world including domestic pigeons and wild pigeon. Domestic pigeons tend to be used utilized for entertainment or food however, you can also find wild pigeons around urban and natural settings. These are birds of the wild that must be left alone and have the ability to adapt in various surroundings.Today we’ll provide you some fascinating facts about the most popular 30 species of Pigeons species and breeds across the globe , along with pictures.

Tippler Pigeon

Tippler pigeons that are within the category of domestic pigeon breeds, was developed in 1845. It’s a crossbred of Homing and Cumulet pigeons. They are mostly bred for competitions. They are well-trained and intelligent, and are renowned as a result of the strength.Breed Name: Tippler No exact source of the breed is known. Cost 10-20 pounds Origin UKSize MediumFlying Range Excellent, even as long as 20 hours colour: A variety of uses: Competitions; exhibitions

Roller Pigeon

Roller pigeons are a different kind of fancy pigeon, which was created through methods of selective breeding. The pigeon is domesticated pigeon recognized for its long wings even from the 1870s and onwards. They are a long-winged bird and are often referred to for their bold and aggressive nature. It could be a bit aggressive, but appears pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Breed name: Oriental roller/Birmingham roller Turkish oriental rollercost: ten pounds Origin from the United KingdomSize Medium to Large-Flying Range ExcellentColor: A variety such as black, white Grey, and whiteUse: For flying

Fantail Pigeon

The Fantail Pigeon is among the oldest breeds of the bird. With its fan-shaped tail and silky feather texture, they appear charming and beautiful. They have a variety of sub-varieties which originate in China, India, Pakistan and Spain. They comprise Indian fantails, English fantail, Thai fantail, and on and on.Breed name FantailCost: INR 2000 Origin: IndiaSize: Average medium-sizedFlying range AverageColor: Many such as black, white, silver and grey. Pets, exhibitions, and for display purposes.More

Pouter Pigeon

Pouter regions are very popular with many subspecies throughout the west. It is an American fancy pigeon with long legs and a larger upper body. The heads of these pigeons are less sized. The most famous sub-variants of the same group include English pouter as well as Brunner pouter.Breed name PouterCost: $150Origination: UK and Czech RepublicSize Medium to largeFlying range Color: White, grey, black commonly used for Shows or exhibitions

English Carrier Pigeo

The domestic pigeon breed originates originated from in the United Kingdom, which was mostly developed by breeders to send messages. They were developed through an environment of breeding selectively close to England which is the reason for the name. With their long, slim necks and bodies They have a distinct appearance when compared with other breads. They have been among the top popular and well-known pigeons that were known to many! Breed by the name of English CarrieCost $50Origin Size MediumFlying range: GreatColor Mostly black and dark grey for flying purposes7

White Birds

Old German Owl Pigeon

The flamboyant Pigeon was first created in Germany in the 1960s. They are easily distinguished from other pigeons by their beautiful and attractive appearance. They weigh only a few pounds and look delicate with their small neck and silver marks on the gull. Many prefer having these for ornamental purposes.Breed name Old German OwlCost $60 averageOrigin GermanySize AverageFlying range Color Silver and white mainly but also a variety of other colors as pets or for display purposes.

Chinese Own Pigeon

Although they’re called that however, unlike the name, the Chinese Owl Pigeon isn’t from China and is instead created within India in India and Spain. With their round heads and a short beak, they are known as Owl Pigeons. Also called Whiskered Owl Pigeons with frilled feathers, they are a great choice for a pet and are excellent pets.Breed Name: Chinese OwlCost: around $100Origin: India or SpainSize: SmallFlying range: AverageColor Blue-grey, black white, white and black: pets and performances

 Homing Pigeon

The domestic pigeon is renowned for its ability to homing go back to the home (the the home) thus the reason for its name. They also have their flying abilities despite their long distances. They were also employed in competitions in the beginning. These pigeons are also called as ‘messenger pigeons’ for providing emergency communications, till 2002.Breed name: HomingCost: an average of above $100Origin: Depends on a varietSize: MediumFlying range:ExcellentColor:Mostly grey and blackUse: messengers, flying competitions

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