Top 5 Video Games Antagonists Of All Time

In most games, there are characters that we like but as expected, they may not always act as positive heroes in one game or another. At such moments, there comes a feeling of liking for the antagonists because not every villain should be an object of hatred. It can be a character with a complicated past or strong personal beliefs. If you also sympathize with the antagonist characters, then find below the description of the top 5 video games where you can enjoy well-designed characters and plots and even win some money.

Isshin Ashina from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This character is not a direct antagonist but he is the grandfather of the video game’s main villain, Genichiro Ashina. According to the plot, this character is peacefully dying but in the most unexpected turn of the plot, he revives to stop the deeds of his grandson. For this purpose, he challenges him to a duel, the result of which will depend on the actions of the player. If defeated, Isshin will have to fight on the dark side. 

The game itself is a screen version of the Japanese culture of the Samurai era. It is accessible both on the user’s computer, as well as on all types of consoles. The characters’ combat techniques are well-designed enabling users to fully enjoy the royal battles, especially if maximum graphics settings are selected. 

 Jinsoyun from Blade & Soul

Jinsoyun is the main antagonist of the very famous old video game Blade & Soul. She captivated the players with her appearance at the very beginning of the game and kept them in a state of tension up to the final battle. The game tells us about the technique of using the unique Japanese samurai weapons, you can learn more about it here: This game combines all the qualities that a gamer can dream of 

  • High-quality graphics. Despite the fact that the game was released in 2012, its graphics can compete even with the new bestsellers of the gaming world.
  • Unique combat system. The developers made sure that players can immerse themselves in the world of Japanese martial arts using the professional simulation of weapons and their techniques. 
  • Extensive storyline. Playing Blade & Soul players learn the history of not only the main character’s family but also of his whole dynasty, as well as the life stories of random parishioners and other lesser-known antagonists of the game. 
  • The detailed design of the locations. This is a subsection of the graphics that is definitely worth spending more time on because even in the current era of digital technology, not every game is famous for well-designed background locations. 
  • The ability to edit the appearance of the characters. This is a great opportunity for players to exercise their creativity and recreate any appearance they want for a character. Some players have even managed to create an exact replica of Jinsoyun, the main antagonist of the video game.

In general, the game catches attention with its elaboration, in some places, you can empathize with the characters or, conversely, feel a specific dislike for their actions. 

Lady Mary from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Lady Mary from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

This is a mysterious character of the legendary game, which was presented in various exhibitions, shows, and even in various casinos during its existence. Unfortunately, you can’t make money on The Old Hunters directly but Fair Go online casino has a large number of equally interesting games from which, by the way, you can make good money. 

Gamers liked Lady Mary with her unusual appearance, reminiscent of an old gentleman in dark male clothing and with a cane in her hands. She is also famous for her difficulty as a game boss. 

Monokuma of Danganronpa 

Danganronpa is a light visual novel that started an entire franchise of popular Japanese games. Strangely enough, however, gamers love it because of its main antagonist, Monokuma, a charming bear who is the school principal in the story. However, his real purpose is to mock the other characters in the novel. 

Because of his memorable appearance, reminiscent of the Yin-Yang symbol, he has become a popular character in Australian casino as a decoration for various slot machines. 

Deathstroke from ​​Batman Arkham Origins

Deathstroke was and is still one of the most adored antagonists of this game since even before the release of Arkham Origins the only topic of discussion was about the playability of this character. In the comics, Batman and Deathstroke met more than once, clashing in decisive battles, and now it’s time to put an end to it and finally get an absolute victory. It is up to you who wins in this fight. To go deeper into the Batman universe of this particular version, click here: This game will definitely not let you get bored, thanks to the well-written plot and good character mechanics.

Let Us Summarise

All of the above video game antagonists are guaranteed to come up with interesting stories and mechanics. However, if you haven’t yet decided which game you want to play, here is a brief table with general features of each of them

Batman Arkham OriginsThis is a timeless classic that intertwines closely with the Marvel universe and will be an interesting find even for the seasoned gamer.
Danganronpa A game that has relatively recently climbed to the peak of popularity is a lightweight 2D cartoon novel. It is suitable both for newcomers who are discovering the world of gaming and for gamers for the opportunity to relax and immerse themselves in a new universe.
Bloodborne: The Old HuntersThis work is sure to please fans of mysticism and horror because everything is designed in a rather aesthetic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and the plot revolves around dark magic and arts. 

Blade & Soul
This game is old enough but it will always be relevant thanks to the clearly written stories of the characters and regular updates.
Shadows Die TwiceThis video game will not appeal to everyone, as it is made in the genre of a psychological thriller and tense atmosphere but the overall feeling is formed against the background of Japanese culture and an interesting plot with the disclosure of family ties, both main and secondary characters.