A carpenter mainly builds, installs and repairs wooden parts, such as frames, doors, (roof) constructions. A carpenter works with various hand and electrical tools.

Sometimes a carpenter also designs a construction himself or has it made. You often work as a carpenter on the basis of a drawing or design by someone else. You can work on a construction site where new homes or commercial buildings are being built. But you can also work as a carpenter who makes, installs or repairs cabinets, sheds and other objects (customized) on behalf of companies or private individuals.

What does a carpenter do?

The duties of a carpenter are:

  • Read and work from a drawing
  • Handling hand and power tools
  • Assembly of wooden constructions, such as window frames, walls, roofs.
  • Assembling wooden elements
  • Repairing old/damaged woodwork
  • Checking carpentry and constructions
  • Making custom constructions
  • Finishing carpentry work

How do you become a carpenter?

You can become a carpenter by following an education at the MBO, which is a level 2 training and lasts 2 years. You can also continue your education as a carpenter at level 3 or HBO.

Become a carpenter quickly

Jacobsen Byg offers a unique opportunity for anyone who does not want to follow a long training course! In our training center we will get you ready for the Tømrer københavn trade within a few days. We check whether you have the aptitude to learn the trade and whether you have good motivation. No previous education is required, it costs you nothing and if you succeed, we provide a nice job.

Working with Jacobsen Byg as a carpenter

You may have already read it, we are an employment agency. Does that mean that we only help you find work temporarily? New. We will start with that, but as a carpenter you “just” get a contract with us. And you use your carpenter experience and skills, on our behalf, with our customers. Think of it as a job as a carpenter where you work in many locations.

Because we have been active in sending construction and technical personnel for so long, our customers know where to find us. As soon as you start working as a carpenter via Jacobsen Byg, you will work for the most diverse companies. From contracting companies to large construction companies and from carpentry companies to private construction companies. We have projects all over the country and there is always a great project near you.

As a carpenter at Jacobsen Byg you can count on:

  • You can get started immediately as a carpenter
  • Can use the possibilities of our training center
  • A good salary, paid weekly
  • From day 1 you are paid according to construction or small metal collective labor agreement and build up a pension
  • Long-term work on projects near you
  • Get the chance to be taken over by the company
  • Own transport with which you can drive privately
  • Makita battery tools
  • Professional workwear and personal protective equipment
  • Personal contact
  • Sustainable employability (health and skills)
  • Want to know more or contact us?

If you still have questions about the profession of carpenter after reading this, please do not hesitate to contact Jantine. She can look with you at the possibilities that are available to you.


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