Trees are an essential part of our life and undoubtedly offer us ample benefits. For example, they clean the air we breathe, cool our houses with the cold breeze in the summer season, and provide us with the raw materials for making tools and shelter. Moreover, the freshness offered by trees helps relieve stress and improves our mood and overall mental health.

But remember, if you want to reap all the above benefits, it is essential to take care of trees so that they grow and become healthy. Now the question is how an individual will do this?

Well, the first solution is to take care of trees yourself, but sometimes due to lack of knowledge, we are not able to do that. On the other hand, hiring a certified arborist is wise. The reason is trees are like an investment that requires proper and constant care by different methods, which are only taught and equipped by a certified arborist.

So, before we move, why do you need an arborist for tree care, let’s discuss who is an arborist?

In simple words, an arborist is a tree surgeon. But if you want to know the professional deeply, then read this post till the end. An arborist is a professional who is trained in the field of arboriculture, which means study, management, and development of all types of trees. In other words, they are specialists in taking care of individual trees, and they very well know the needs of the trees.

Apart from that, they are highly trained and equipped to take care of all kinds of trees. If you look at the normal workday of an arborist, they conduct a number of tasks daily. For example, sometimes they work in trees, can become salespeople or managers, can be consulting arborists who assess trees, etc.

However, most arborists start their career in this field, working with trees, learning about different types of trees, touching trees, etc.

Some of the services offered by an arborist are: –

  • Planting
  • Creating a solid foundation of the tree
  • Protection from lightning
  • Parasite prevention
  • Pruning
  • Getting rid of dangerous vegetation

Why do individuals need an arborist for their garden or yard?

Most homeowners love to plant different types of trees in their garden or yard. So, if you are one of them and you want your trees to be healthy and amazing in every season, then you have to hire an arborist for their wellbeing. The reason to hire an arborist is lack of knowledge which we don’t have about trees.

So, let’s discuss the answer of why in detail: –

  1. Safety

If you talk about a normal home, they don’t have the necessary tools and equipment to take care of trees until and unless you know what you are doing. Apart from that, there are various things which a normal person cannot do safely like climbing a tree to remove the decayed branch.

Here when arborists have to climb a tree, they have proper equipment and tools that will guarantee the work will be done safely without any injury. But for the normal person as they don’t have harnessing tools to go up on the tree.

At one point, we can say that you have equipment and tools for the work, but you don’t know how to utilize them.

  • Helps in proper tree care

If you take care of trees constantly, it will help them grow healthy and stay for an extended time. So, if you hire an arborist for the work, they will take care of trees ideally and help identify various tree diseases. Apart from that, it also treats the trees according to the disease.

Moreover, an arborist also advises you what are the different measures you can take to keep insects, diseases, and various other elements at bay so that they will grow healthy.

  • Pruning and trimming

Pruning is another essential aspect that helps keep the tree healthy and in shape. The step of pruning aids in the removal of dead and diseased branches, keeping the shape of the tree perfect, and also takes care of the overall health of the tree.

But all the above things are only possible if the proper cutbacks are made in the perfect area. That means, if the tree pruning is done correctly by a skilled arborist, then only you will get all the above benefits. So, hiring a professional is essential as it also reduces the chances of dying trees.

  • Tree planting

An average person doesn’t know the best time to plant the trees. But as an expert, they very well know the best time to plant different types of trees so that they will grow healthy and live for long years. Apart from that, they also know which soil type is the best for which tree species and how much space and lightening is needed for every variety of tree.

In addition to that, a certified arboristis also aware of which planting method is the best for which tree.

  • Emergency call-outs

When an individual is caught in an emergency, they need someone for help as soon as possible. So, trees are no exception, and they also need a certified arborist who can solve the emergency of the tree.

The bottom line

No matter the purpose of planting trees like, for shade, for curb appeal, or it’s your hobby, finding a certified arborist in Escondido is essential. But make sure you only hire the best arborist to take care of trees so that they will remain healthy and live for years.