E-commerce has taken over the world. Be it to shop for essentials or to buy contemporary art, and the internet has spoilt everyone with choices. However, some purchases involve higher stakes than others. If you are new to the whole ordeal of shopping online for art, here is a helping hand for you to make the best decisions

Know What You Want 

Before you pull out your gadget and look for artwork to purchase, the first thing to do is to make sure that you know what you are looking for. Be clear about the intent of your purchase to establish a fixed budget, filter the aesthetics, and pick out a suitable artwork easily. What style, colour, and size do you want? Is it for your home, a gift for someone else, or corporate space?

Understand the Space

With all the online options, getting carried away while shopping for artwork is easy. However, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase, understand how the painting sits in its intended space. For instance, if you find a piece for the wall, take some newspapers or drapes of the same size and see how they will look in the space. Also, ensure that the artwork’s colours do not clash with the theme of the room. 

Shop on Budget 

Again, all the choices might make you want to splurge on an artwork. While investing in a good piece of artwork is excellent, without the proper budget, you will only get disappointed by work you cannot afford. If you are new to the whole scene, overspending on the first painting you buy can be unwise. 

Do Your Research 

Buying art might translate to purchasing paintings for many, but this does not have to be the case. You can explore other options, such as photographs, installations, weaves, and sculptures. Look around for different mediums and various artists who take unique approaches to art for unique pieces. 

You should also check if the gallery or online store you are purchasing from is legitimate. Remember to check out the credibility of the dealer and the artist before making the final decision. If you have second thoughts, look around for customer reviews and their past works. Do not rush into a transaction before ensuring the seller is genuine.

Ask All the Questions

Buying artwork can be overwhelming, so don’t worry about asking questions. Usually, galleries and dealers have customer support personnel to give you the details about any piece you wish to purchase. You can always ask them for additional pictures or videos to ensure the work’s colour or texture is shown clearly in different lighting. In case of questions about shipping or packing, the seller can help you find appropriate solutions.

Check for Authenticity 

Unlike mass-produced paintings and prints, when you are buying unique artwork, you need to make sure that they are ethically sourced and an authentic piece of work. Ensure that the work comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the work is genuine. All credible sellers should be able to give you a valid certificate with every purchase. 

Online stores have unlimited options for artwork. Gone are the days when people purchased physical artwork alone. You can even shop for digital art these days. When you buy contemporary art online, there are only two things to remember. First, ensure that the source is credible. Then, choose a work you love.   

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