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Before electronics found their way into children’s playrooms, tiny remote control car “normal” dolls or cars, as well as cuddly toys, were popular. Today you have the opportunity to give your child electronic toys at a very early age. There are even already appropriate toys for your baby. But is that good or bad? And when should you let your child play with something like this?

From what age is electronic toys available?

Smaller toys are already available for children from 3 months. The main thing is that these things emit sounds, tones, or colors. Everything that beeps speaks or shines is exciting for the child. Popular are electronic learning books, in which the children can press on animal symbols, for example, which then bark, meow, moan, or the like.

As you get older, your child can operate toys that they have seen in you. There are already cameras, tablets, mobile phones, or a child-friendly smartwatch for two-year-olds. You can also give robots, CD players, or a radio play box, which your child can all operate himself, to play with.

How can electronic toys promote children?

The funny colorful, flashing, and noise-making toys initially attract the interest of the children. With your baby, you can use it to train the orientation reflex. In general, these toys promote listening, grasping, or tapping on the different keys as well as concentration. In interaction with the parents (“Where is the cat?” “How does the dog do?”), the children can easily learn something. This is especially useful for the early childhood development of your offspring.

For older children, you can already use learning computers, which are already available for children from about one year of age. Here it should no longer be about the children making sounds or making fields blink, but here they get knowledge imparted in a playful way. For example, they get to know shapes, letters, or numbers. In the next stage, these children’s computers can already support spelling or counting and arithmetic. You should use these learning computers for about three-year-olds.

What do experts think of electronic toys for children?

Experts have tried to analyze the play situation of toddlers and have therefore let them play with traditional toys, books, and electronic toys. With all objects, the children can learn different things, especially the orientation reflex. But the children also learn that they themselves can make sure that the toy does what they want. You control, steer, turn on and off, and determine when the music plays. You will also learn new things.

However, as the study turned out, it is difficult and disadvantageous that language development is rather negatively influenced. Because when the children play with electronic toys, they talk less to their parents. Communication is better and more intense when parents and children dedicate themselves together to traditional toys. Or look at colorful picture books together. With books, the content of communication between parent and child is also much better.

The expert recommendation is therefore that you should give your child traditional toys at least at the beginning. This is more helpful during the language learning phase.

Conclusion: You decide on electronic toys yourself.

As you can see, electronic toys are quite important. They can even help encourage shy kids to play along. And they promote motor skills, hearing, vision and self-efficacy. In addition, further learning content such as letters and numbers, arithmetic, reading, and other information will be added later.

Unfortunately, only the traditional games can help the children to involve their parents in the game and to entertain themselves. Especially for language development in young children, it is important that they express themselves and do not only react to passive stimuli. In addition, for example, best off road rc cars when kneading or painting or playing with building blocks and puzzles, the promotion of creativity and imagination.

Therefore, as a parent, you should make sure that you use the toys sensibly with your children. Electronic toys are not inherently bad, but should not be used permanently and alone. A good chance in the playroom ensures that your child can develop different skills. So help your child with traditional toys and books and add electronic toys to the game collection a little later.

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