Cell phones have been quite popular and common due to advancements in technology. Like all other technologies, cell phones, too, have their positive and negative aspects. People can communicate and perform their activities easily, like snapping a fingertip, basically helping bring the world into a global village.

But talking of negativity, using a cellphone can be vulnerable to your privacy. Due to surveillance programs, spying software, and many hackers, it’s virtually impossible to be secure with growing technologies.

People can easily access your sensitive data and information, monitor your day-to-day activities, and even your phone’s conversation with others with the help of spyware. Spyware apps also can track your GPS location. The most worry about your privacy is that high-end spyware can track into your microphones and camera on your device.

Due to the increase in spyware, you need to be safer than ever as spying has become much cheaper and less complicated. You can also navigate and  uninstall hidden spy phone apps to remove such apps on your android device easily.

Ways to stop someone spying on your cell phone

The following reasons can be helpful to stop someone from spying on your cell phone:

1. Keep a strong passcode

It might surprise you, but spying is more likely to be done by our closest people. So, keeping a strong passcode or changing them should be a no-brainer. Setting up complicated passcodes can help prevent spying, and spies will find it hard to implicate spy tools on your device.

2. Install security application

Getting a security application on your Android or iPhone can prevent you from getting spied on. Security applications will detect unusual activities or any new app installed on your cell phone.

3. Update cell phone and applications

Another simple method to keep you away from being spied on can be keeping your phone up to date, helping you prevent newly developed or old versions of spy apps from entering your privacy.

4. Using Anti-spyware tools

Scanning your cellphone with the help of anti-malware or anti-spyware can remove your doubt. These applications will help your device stay away from third-party apps or any vulnerable apps that threaten your privacy, keeping your device more secure.

5. VPN

With a virtual private network, you will be able to encrypt possible data and resources you are using online on your cell phone. Using VPN or similar encrypted tools can help; you become relieved of any privacy breach of your activities over the internet.


6. Two-factor authentication

Keeping two-factor authentication can increase the players’ barrier to reaching out to your sensitive data. Whenever you log in to other devices while using some apps or sites, it will need your permission or some code to continue the process.


7. Factory resetting your cell phone

If you are still suspicious of others spying on your cell phone and have tried all of the above mentioned methods, you will factory reset your phone. Factory resetting your cell phone will erase all your data and applications. Before erasing your phone, you can backup your needed photos, videos, and other data.

8. Check your device’s microphone, camera, and location usage

If you are suspicious about someone spying on you, you can manually check through settings or use dedicated software which applications are accessing your microphone, GPS location, and camera.

What are the signs that your device is being spied on?

Here are a few signs  to tell if someone is spying on your phone.

1. Battery drainage

Suppose your phone’s battery performance is bad compared to before, and you are constantly facing battery drainage problems even without being active. In that case, there is a reason to be concerned. Spyware apps running in the background without your consent can be a possibility your battery life is decreasing.

2. High data usage

If you are suspicious about spyware apps due to high data usage even when you are not using apps or sites more, this could be a genuine reason. Spies often get their information with the help of your phone’s mobile data. You should track your network usage regularly to get rid of unusual fluctuations in your data.

3. Activities on standby

When the phone is on and is not in use, the occurrence of some unusual activities, sending messages, receiving notifications, or high activity of your phone without your usage, surely someone is remotely tracking your device.

4. Phone overheating

Spywares run unknowingly in the phone’s background without users’ consent. If your phone is abnormally overheating without huge usage, then you should be concerned about something suspicious on your device.

5. Unexpected reboots

A phone cannot reboot without the user’s permission, and if your phone is facing this problem, then surely someone is getting unauthorized access. Rebooting is often done to fix bugs in the spyware apps if it is done anonymously.

6. The Phone is laggy and crashes all the time

If your phone is getting increasingly slower and apps you are using are crashing from time to time, then you should be concerned about it. Older and low-end devices can also be the reason for lagging and crashing, but if you know how your phone usually performs, you can easily differentiate.

7. Rooted or jailbroken device

If your android phone is rooted or your iPhone is jailbroken without your authorization, there is a high chance your phone is being spied on. Rooting or jailbreaking will give users access to install unauthorized apps from stores, which people can easily use to spy on them.


Hopefully, this blog was helpful to stop others from spying on your phone along with spyware effects. Spyware applications are mainly used to know about the employee’s activities in the office, by couples if they are suspicious about each other, or by parents who ensure child safety for their kids.

Spyware can cause harm to your sensitive data, and negatively impact your private and corporate life, making you vulnerable from all aspects, so it will be better to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can also inform concerned authorities if you suspect someone known or anonymous about someone spying on your cell phone.