First dates can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially if you’re trying to get to know someone new. But choosing the right outfit ideas can make all the difference in your comfort level and confidence on the date. Look cute, but not like you tried too hard, so that your first impression isn’t overshadowed by any negative first impressions! Here are 5 cute outfit ideas for a first date, so that you can dress comfortably and confidently and stay focused on what matters most: having fun with your date!

1) Jewelry is your best friend

Okay, maybe jewelry isn’t your best friend, but it can be your secret weapon in making sure you look both put-together and unique on your first date. Take, for example, opal earrings: They have a bohemian feel to them—in other words, perfect for an outfit that will impress without seeming too formal. If you want to go with outlier rings or bracelets—they can also add an extra something special to any outfit without being too flashy.

2) Don’t be afraid of color

A lot of men choose neutrals and earth tones when picking an outfit, which can certainly look handsome, but is less likely to stick out. Instead, try adding a bit of color to your wardrobe; it’s all right if you go bold or crazy—just make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel like yourself. If you have femboy outfit, even better: add them in! An outfit with drippy outfits can say more about who you are than any other piece in your closet.

3) Keep it simple with black, white and denim

It’s no secret that simplicity is key when it comes to fashion. Dressing in black, white and denim, or any basic color palette for that matter, allows an outfit to be both simple and cool at once. If you have ouji fashion sense and prefer more frilly outfits, then don’t worry—you can still enjoy that feminine flair by matching drippy outfits with your favorite pair of femboy outfit! Remember: It all depends on how you accessorize your look!

4) Matching doesn’t mean matching

The outfit doesn’t have to match—you can express your own personal style by simply complementing each other. If you two choose not to wear matching outfits, that’s okay! Matching clothes doesn’t automatically make you look cute; it all depends on how well-coordinated you are with your date. Make sure that you both coordinate with each other. Drippy outfits are popular among fashion bloggers and are very cute when used appropriately!

5) Pick the Perfect Headwear

The first thing to consider when creating your outfit is what type of headwear you should wear. There are many different styles out there; should you go with a hat, or maybe even a bowler hat? While you might be able to pull off any number of looks, it’s important to keep in mind that certain outfits look better depending on your gender. For example, if you want to look cute and feminine, hats like fedoras and cowboy hats can help you achieve that goal. But if you want to appear more masculine, try going with something like a baseball cap instead. Once you know which style of headwear will work best for your outfit—and which style will make people think femboy rather than ladykiller—you can start piecing together an outfit!

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