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CES 2022 pre-show keynote event: Samsung Electronics revealed its vision for the future. Jong-Hee Han (JH), Vice Chairman, CEO, Head of DX Division (Device Experience) at Samsung, spoke as the keynote speaker. He highlighted the company’s efforts to bring about a new age in togetherness with customized experiences that reflect the changing lifestyles of consumers and innovations that make society and the world better.

Building a Sustainable Future

Samsung’s vision of the future is founded on “everyday sustainability” which the company describes as a core principle. It inspires Samsung to make sustainability a central part of all it does. Samsung has been achieving its vision through new manufacturing processes that are low-impact, reduced footprint packaging, a better customer experience, and responsible disposal of products at the end their useful lives.

Empowering users with customized experiences

Samsung described the steps it is taking in order to improve everyday sustainability and also highlighted various ways it is using technology to meet consumers’ varied needs. Samsung recognizes that every person is different and needs to personalize their devices according to their needs. Therefore, it strives to redefine how people interact with everyday technology. Samsung’s “Together for tomorrow” vision is built on this people-first approach.

Samsung’s platforms and screens were unveiled at the event reflecting the ‘Screens Everywhere Screens for All’ era Han mentioned at CES 2020. The Freestyle, a portable and lightweight screen that delivers cinema-quality viewing no matter where you may be, is available. The Freestyle is easy to set up and can project up to 100 inches. The Pocket Pitbull – Top Breed Guide

A New Era of Seamless Connectivity

To build a better tomorrow together, it takes more than just incorporating sustainability and customization into Samsung’s products. It also requires seamless connectivity. Samsung highlighted its partnerships with partners and its next-generation products during the keynote to show its commitment in bringing about a new era of seamless connected experiences.

The all-new Samsung Home Hub was unveiled at CES for the first-time. It integrates with AI connected appliances and SmartThings services to simplify home management. The Samsung Home Hub unites six SmartThings services in one device, giving users full control over their smart home. It also makes household chores easier to manage.

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