If your hands are suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis or tendonitis, you start losing your hand mobility and accomplishing simple tasks will become difficult as well. Apart from arthritis any traumatic injury also interferes with the range of motion of hands. It means hand pain and rigidness harm your quality of life.  Though you can manage your hand pain and increase your range of motion through exercise. In this article, we are going to talk about a few exercises along with prescribed medication that can help you feel better from the severe pain you were dealing with.  You can speed up your healing process with dedicated hand exercises.

Let’s jump into the topic and mention 5 exercises, it’s effectiveness.

Wrist Stretch Exercise

Wrist pain is very common among all. It is especially seen in middle-aged women. Numerous various sorts of activity put a significant measure of a squeeze on our wrist, prompting step by step constant torment and pounding. In the event that your wrist torment isn’t as expected taken care of, it might right away change over into long-lasting complexities like tendonitis and joint inflammation. To get alleviation from hand torment, you really want to take the assistance of a hand specialist. They would prescribe you to perform wrist stretch activities to mitigate your aggravation for the time being.

Begin by expanding your arm out before you and palm looking towards the floor. Take another hand, place it before your fingers, and stretch the ginger however much as could be expected. Then, at that point, gradually stretch fingers back towards your body, holding them for 5-10 seconds before leisurely returning to the underlying position. Then, at that point, place your hand over the tip of your fingers and push it down; perform it for 10 seconds. You want to do this stretch in 2 arrangements of 3 reps for each hand. Focus on your breathing when you do this activity; you will see improvement after a couple of practices.

Finger stretch exercise

When your hands get injured, your fingers also get rigid.  Finger stretching is one of the best exercises to increase your mobility.   Thus after wrist stretching, it’s time to focus on fingers as well.  Start by placing both of your palms down on the table or any other flat surface, or desk.  It begins with the heel of your hand and the tip of all fingers. All of the tips must touch the table. To perform this exercise, gradually stretch your fingers down and expand them until all of your fingers and whole palm touch the upper surface of the table. Hold this position for up to 1 minute, then get back to the initial position.  For best results, you have to perform this exercise two times a day. Four reps with each hand. This exercise is very easy, simple yet effective. You can do this finger range of motion stretching at your office desk or on your sitting couch while enjoying your favourite tv show.

Finger lift exercise

First place both of your hands on the flat surface with all of your fingers and palm flat down. Next, gradually uplift one finger at a time, then keep it for two seconds to lift a finger, next two seconds to keep it down before lifting your adjacent finger. If you don’t have enough time, lift all of your fingers at once. Count five on the way up, hold them for 5 seconds, then count 5 to bring them to their initial point. Perform this exercise a single time a day. Do it 2-3 sets with ten reps for each finger. It is very similar to finger stretching exercises and can be performed without using your mind. Finger lift exercise gradually increases your finger’s range of motion.

Tight Fist exercise

Tight Fist exercise is very helpful for both of your hands and fingers. Tight fist exercise helps you to develop strength of your finger and hand; also releases some of your in-built stress. It is good to start with bending your arm perpendicularly or at a 90-degree angle and hold this hand with your palm placed upward towards the ceiling. Then gradually bend your fingers to make a fist, then hold your fist not so tightly for five to 10 seconds, Then gradually release your fist and place fingers at their completely extended position. To avail of maximum benefits, do this exercise 3 times 10 reps a day.  If you don’t have enough time, do it with both hands simultaneously.

Finger extension exercise

To wrap things up, finger expansion practices fortify both lower arm and fingers. Here you want an elastic band to do this activity. Begin by setting an elastic band around all fingers and thumbs outside. Attempt to extend your fingers and thumb however much as could be expected prior to carrying them to the underlying position. You can do this activity two times each day, 15-20 times. Yet, kindly remember this activity ought not to be accomplished in excess of two separate times each day.

All these exercises belong to hand therapy exercises prescribed by certified hand therapists. Include them in your regular lifestyle for better hand health.