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To make extra money, you may acquire and sell internet businesses. The most significant marketplaces for buying and selling internet companies are included in this guide.

When purchasing and selling internet enterprises, you now have several possibilities. You may search, contrast, and buy all types of websites and digital assets on several excellent marketplaces.

We’ll discuss the finest marketplaces in this manual for selling internet enterprises.


Websites, applications, and domain names may all be purchased and sold on flippa. The most known marketplace for buying and selling internet companies is called Flippa. We give you the resources you need to make your first purchases successful.

Everything you require to begin find the perfect venture for you. In this marketplace, you can search for hundreds of high-quality ads and filter them based on factors. These can be price, industry, location, and more. Including verified buyers’ and sellers’ lists. To establish partnerships with trust, we authenticate every buyer and seller that registers with Flippa. 


Use this marketplace’s strength, which Shopify has provided for your benefit, to purchase or sell a Shopify-powered website. It contains various company listings, including location, business type, industry, and sales channel information. Additionally, there are other well-known companies to pursue.


IndieMaker is a vast community marketplace where you can sell your side projects, running businesses, and unused domains. You need to pay a little cost to interact with companies securely. Only after which you may pay for the service you want. It does not have an amazon listing optimization feature, but it is still perfect.


With the help of ExitAdviser’s platform, you may purchase a business directly from the owner without using. You have the option to bargain with the vendor alone using this model. You may better understand the company they sell when you are in direct touch with the owner.

ExitAdviser could be able to assist you in locating the ideal choice for you. Whether you’re looking to buy from local or online merchants. It highlights companies from 17 different nations in various industries, such as retail, wholesale, leisure, etc.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers, which was formerly merely a listing platform for buyers and sellers. Now also provides escrow services and other assistance to help finalize the purchase. When you utilize their service, you’ll interact with actual buyers and sellers. Because they have an excellent reputation for screening the websites on their marketplace. They can be from Amazon Private Label.

Although buying and selling websites on Empire Flippers is free. Escrow account fees are deducted from the sale price at a rate of 1%. The website is simple to use and has a vast selection of websites in all areas.


A marketplace called SideProjectors allows digital entrepreneurs and creatives to put their most exemplary ideas into practice. We’re not your standard incubator or accelerator for startups.

We are a space where you can realize your most exciting ideas. Whether that means creating a following, locating co-founders, obtaining funding, or creating a product. We’re also a place where you may meet others who are committed to their hobbies and connect with them. On the shared belief that our greatest triumphs come from pursuing our passions.

Motion Invest

Three alternatives are accessible when you visit their website. View available sites, sell a place, and acquire a location. Select one and move forward with it, whatever you are looking for. They provide you with two alternatives if you wish to sell a website.

The first choice is for them to buy the website directly from you, which means you are paid more quickly. Also, the due diligence procedure is expedited. The second choice is to advertise your website on their marketplace, where thousands of potential customers may view it and make choices.


Sedo is a global domain marketplace. You might be able to locate the exact domain name you’re looking for for your project or brand on Sedo. For instance, you could wish to buy the name if you have decided to generate content on dance. Domain typically purchase such domains for eventual resale at a profit. 


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