If you want to start an online business and earn money from Instagram same like many of its users, you may know that the key to success on Instagram is attracting more followers. There are many ways to increase your follower such as producing attractive content and working on the quality of your products. But there is another way to get more followers and increase the interaction of your page.

As you know advertising is so important for business growth so you should choose an appropriate tool for advertising your business. Instagram is a popular social network and has many users, in this case, you can get good feedback.

In the following, we will explain to you the best way to attract followers and customers to expand your business. Stay with us…

What are the benefits of advertising on Instagram?

In today’s world, the best way you can attract followers is through advertising. Old methods of advertising may no longer be effective enough, but you should choose a new method of advertising such as advertising on Instagram. In this method, you can reach your goal (popularity, attracting followers, etc.) faster than you imagine. Advertising on Instagram, if done correctly and following the basics, can have a significant impact on increasing sales and growth of your business.

Advertising Methods on Instagram

There are several ways to advertise on Instagram, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Advertising on popular pages
  3. Sponsored ads or Instagram Ads

Influencer Marketing

Currently, one of the most effective advertising methods is advertising through influencers. Influencers are famous and popular people on Instagram who can use the effectiveness they have on their followers to promote your product and service. You should choose influencers based on the type of activity they have. For example, if you have cosmetics, you should choose your influencer based on that.

Ads on Popular Pages

Another method of advertising on Instagram that has a great impact on the sales of your product and service is advertising on the most visited pages (pages). For proper advertising, you must first consider the type of your business and choose the page related to your field of business based on that. You should also pay a lot of attention to the quality of the page and start your advertising only on reputable and popular pages to get good feedback.

Sponsored Ads or Instagram Ads       

This method is used to run targeted advertising. In this way, you prioritize the interests of your audience and advertise accordingly. For sponsored ads, you must have a Facebook account to use to do business on your Instagram profile. Sponsored ad posts are clearly labeled Sponsored and are different from other posts.

This type of advertising will be published by Instagram in both feed and story modes. In this method, it is possible to filter the country, city, gender, age, and interest of the user. Instagram sponsor ads have several methods, the most popular of which are ads based on displaying and clicks.


The need of increasing followers to expand online business on Instagram is obvious and advertising is the best way to increase followers.

In this article, we tried to explain advertising on Instagram and its importance. We also introduced to you three methods of advertising on Instagram and now you can choose the best one and start advertising and marketing on Instagram.

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