Let us remember that not all interested parties are suitable for a hair transplant. On the other hand, each capillary medical treatment responds to certain characteristics of baldness. It is for these reasons that before proceeding with any procedure, the patient must be correctly diagnosed.   

Finally, we are interested in referring to a topic of great importance: 

The results At Clinic de Frites we believe that an appropriate professional attitude is one that informs the patient in depth about the procedure to be performed and the expected results after a hair transplant or treatment .

On the other hand, when agreeing on the design of a hair graft, we always recommend looking for natural results , which integrate with the patient’s features and give them a unique appearance . We are not in favor of unnatural forehead lines or using the same design for all people.

In addition to the above, we highlight the importance

 of caring for and preserving the donor area , thinking about the possibility of performing another Hair Replacement Dubai  in the future if necessary. The FUE Technique allows the follicular units necessary to cover the bald area to be extracted one by one . This makes it necessary to carry out the follicular extraction in an adequate manner, which does not affect the appearance and availability of the donor area in the future.

Hair clinic in Valencia

Clinical de Ferias is a hair clinic founded by Dr. Rafael de Frites in Valencia, Spain. This hair center is dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and hair transplant, perfecting the technique day by day in search of always natural results.

Dr. Rafael de Ferias, a specialist in trichology and hair implant logy, has more than 10 years of experience in hair grafting and hair treatments. He has operated on more than 2,200 patients, who today enjoy a refreshed, confident, and youthful appearance.

If you are looking for a specialized hair center,

 Where you can find answers and solutions to your hair problem, get in touch with Clinical de Ferities. We offer you a first free assessment consultation, so that you know your capillary diagnosis and possible solutions. Also, if you cannot move to Valencia, you can request a first assessment online.

Hair recovery is a process that requires trust, decision and professionalism. Do not settle, invest in quality and get the best results.