Bromine, chlorine or active oxygen can be used to clean the hot tub. However, easy clean shower wall panels make sure that you are not allowed to use these cleaning agents mixed or alternately, as this results in dangerous and harmful mixtures. In principle, bromine tablets are recommended for cleaning, as the bromine remains active even at elevated pH and ensures reliable and permanent disinfection without chlorine odor. Alternatives are agents with chlorine granules or active oxygen.

How do I test the water in the hot tub?

Test the water with a pH test strip before each use. Most test strips are simply swirled in the water for about 5 seconds and then taken out again. Then you can determine the pH value by color comparison and, depending on the test strip, after about 10 seconds of waiting, the total hardness, the alkalinity and the chlorine or bromine content. Experts recommend a pH value between 7.0 and 7.6 mg/l (=ppm).

Can the hot tub be used all year round?

Inflatable hot tubs can be placed and used indoors with proper preparation, but only special hot tubs with winter-proof properties can be operated outside even in cold weather. Our outdoor whirlpools are equipped with an anti-frost system. This ensures that the heater keeps the water temperatures continuously above 1°C. 

How do I prevent lime in the hot tub?

Lime forms in the hot tub when the pH or calcium content is too high. To prevent this, they must therefore maintain the pH value permanently at 7.0 to 7.6 mg/l (=ppm) and the water hardness between 250 and 450 mg/l. However, if lime has already formed, you can remove it using special anti-lime means. 

What are the electricity costs of the hot tub?

Depending on the model, the electricity costs on a warm summer day when using the filtering or circulation pump for 2 hours (these are necessary daily to ensure the water quality) and massage function for 30 minutes are only 0.10 – 0.15 €. 

Why you should use bromine:

Bromine, like chlorine, offers properties similar to chlorine for ideal water disinfection. However, compared to chlorine, bromine is more effective at both higher pH and higher temperatures.

In general, we recommend the use of bromine for disinfection, as the bromine remains active even at a pH value of over 8.0 to about 90%. However, bromine tablets are very slowly soluble, so that the placement in a dosing float is usually not enough. Therefore, place the tablets in the filter cartridge, as the water flow is very high there. Note that the bromine tablet is then easily accessible again. You should not keep the bromine tablet within reach of children.

The use of bromine is ideal for reliable and permanent disinfection without the chlorine odor. Application: In indoor pools and whirlpools – even with calcareous water.

We recommend the following bromine tablets:

  • Bayrol SpaTime Bromine Tablets
  • Bayrol SpaTime Bromine Complete Care Starter Set
  • Why you can alternatively use chlorine:

Chlorine is quickly soluble compared to bromine. In addition,best standard handicap toilet it can be used for continuous permanent disinfection as well as for shock disinfection. Its effect, however, depends on the correct pH value. So keep in mind that when using chlorine, you need to pay more attention to the correct pH value. If you decide to use chlorine as a disinfectant, then use only chlorine granules and under no circumstances liquid chlorine (since no small container and thus dangerous goods and not long shelf life).