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Asians are known to have an eye for fashion, no matter what their age or gender. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t at least like to look good, even if they aren’t into fashion per se. 

Even men and women who don’t care about fashion may have some specific items of clothing that they enjoy wearing and others that they dread putting on because they don’t like the way they look in them or simply because they don’t fit very well and make them feel uncomfortable.

Everyday Wear

There are several different types of Asian clothes and these include casual, semi-formal, formal, and business. Daily, Asians will generally be seen wearing casual outfits. These are straightforward garments that can range from jeans with t-shirts to well-pressed shirt pants. 

The most common color scheme for Asian Clothes is black, white, or grey on top with dark blue or brown at the bottom. Anything else is usually saved for social gatherings where something more colorful may be appropriate.

Semi-formal Wear

Semi-formal is probably what most people would consider typical party attire. You should also use semi-formal clothes for other formal occasions such as award ceremonies, balls, and galas. 

Make sure you check with whoever is organizing it first, though! Several styles can work well for semi-formal events but generally aim for more vibrant colors rather than white or black.

Work Wear

If you’re working, whether it’s 9-5 or a marathon all-nighter, smart Asian clothes workwear is essential. In general, try to stick with dark colors: they look more formal and don’t show dirt as much. 

Another tip: choose fabrics that wick away sweat – especially if you need your outfit to last through a long day at work. Finally, make sure everything fits properly! Nothing ruins an otherwise great outfit like ill-fitting pants.

Going Out on the Town

When you’re hitting up a bar or club with friends, don’t overthink your outfit. It should be comfortable (shoes you can dance in and clothes that won’t restrict your movements are key), yet flattering—an important part of looking great is feeling good about yourself. 

On a first date, keep it simple; be well-groomed and prepared for any kind of situation: You never know what will happen!

Casual Weekend Wear

This doesn’t necessarily mean something is casual just because it has a loose, laid-back vibe. For example, some items can look great with jeans and a tee on Friday night—but look out of place at work or school on Monday morning. 

If you have an important meeting coming up, for instance, opt for shoes that are sleek and polished rather than flashy sneakers. You want to look smart but not overly formal; otherwise, you may find yourself being judged for your lack of professionalism.

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