If you are in a devastating financial condition then the best advice would be to contact a  personal bankruptcy attorney. Be it chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, or 13; you will need the guidance of a lawyer to get the best benefits. If you file the case yourself, but if you are a layman the paperwork, bureaucratic system, and complicated bankruptcy law will make it extremely difficult to keep up with the case. Listed are five benefits that you will get if you opt for a bankruptcy lawyer.

Get to know your options

After verifying your situation and making calculations the lawyer will introduce you to all the chapters of bankruptcy and walk you through the laws behind each chapter. They will further tell you which chapter is the most suitable for you. 

Legal presentation 

Find a bankruptcy lawyer who has experience and expertise in dealing with bankruptcy cases. They will be well-versed with the law and help you with excellent representation. They will help you out of the complexities and intricacies of the legal industry. Further, they will ensure you file the bankruptcy case properly.

Save Money 

you r attorney will help you to lessen the amount of exemption claimed. They will also help you to save money in the long run and help you make sorted financial plans. 


Your bankruptcy attorney will negotiate your debts with the debt collectors. Car loans, mortgages, credit debts, and so on, will talk to all the individual debt collectors and help you to curb the debts that you owe. 

Save your home

People often choose to sell their homes at lower rates to help themselves with their finances. As people need the money urgently they tend to sell their properties at a very lower rate. But a good bankruptcy lawyer will prevent you from doing so and help you by showing other routes. 


Being bankrupt is not a matter of joke. Not only your financial assets will be sneaking out of your hands, but your reputation and mental peace will also be leaving you. A lawyer is the best option to reconstruct your new future. They will minimize the negative effects and be by your side to support you. You will find the ground under your feet more solid when you hold the hands of a bankruptcy lawyer. They are the silver linings to your dark clouds.