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Having to attend a funeral is a difficult situation for all of us in life. However, it is also important to bid farewell to our beloved souls in the right way.

Carrying a bunch of flowers to the funerals and memorial services is a socially accepted norm that we all abide by. However, in order to make sure that we’re sending the right message and showing respect to the deceased and their family, it is important that we choose the right kind of flowers for funerals. Here’s a list of such flowers that you can choose from.


Carnations are popular as funeral flowers. They come in a wide range of colors like white, pink, red, yellow, scarlet, etc. For funerals and memorial services, pink, red, and white carnations are a perfect choice. Pink carnations represent remembrance while the red ones symbolize admiration. If you pick white carnations, they symbolize innocence and pure love. Carnations are long-lasting and they are available easily in different colors. You can get carnation flowers online to send to your grieving near and dear ones. 


Lilies are another popular choice for funerals. Especially, the white lilies symbolize sympathy, purity, and also majesty. The white stargazer lilies are stunning. They have a calm and peaceful appearance which makes them a perfect choice for funerals. You can find bunches of different color lilies with the local florists. Pick any of the arrangements you like before heading to the funeral or memorial service.


Roses come in different shades and each shade has a different meaning. While red roses symbolize love, white roses represent remembrance, innocence, purity, sympathy, and spirituality. Similarly, dark crimson roses represent sorrow and grief. This color is very popular as it expresses that you are with the grieving family. Sending flowers online is convenient and easy. You can send a bunch of roses to the family of the departed. Or, you can also send them funeral arrangements or sprays.

Forget Me Not

These little blooms are just perfect for funerals. The tiny little blooms come in blue and white colors. Forget me not, as their name suggests, symbolizes remembrance. A bunch of forget me not is a perfect choice for funerals of loved ones. You can also send the grieving family a potted forget me not plant in memory of the departed soul. Forget me nots are widely available with local florists. You can choose any flower arrangement for funeral that has forget me not to send to your dear ones.


You can order flowers like orchids for funerals. Orchid bouquets, arrangements, and sprays are popular for funerals and memorial services. Though orchids are available in different colors, white and pink orchids are the most used to express grief and sympathy to the grieving family. Further, you can also send an orchid plant to express your everlasting love for the departed. So, if you are confused about picking funeral flowers, choose white or pink orchids. They are the ideal flowers to express condolences. The ideal orchid choices for funeral and sympathy flowers are cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, mokara orchids, leukadendrons, and dendrobium orchids.


Gladiolus are available in a rainbow of different colors. You can find them in white, yellow, red, pink, violet, blue, lavender, purple, burgundy, etc. Gladiolus grow in bunches along tall stems. They symbolize integrity and strength. They also represent remembrance, faithfulness, and strength of character. Thus, to give the deceased’s family strength during their hard times, gladiolus is perfect. In the flower world, gladiolus is also known as ‘sword lily’. You can carry a bunch of these beautiful flowers as a sign of respect for the family of the deceased. Gladiolus flowers are also used as filler flowers for standing funeral sprays and wall flower arrangements that are used in a funeral or memorial service.


These blooms come in many different colors including white, pink, orange, yellow, red, peach, and more. They are ideal for funerals as they represent peace and tranquility. In fact, in European culture, chrysanthemums even represent death. These beautiful blooms make a great choice for flower baskets, funeral sprays, and funeral flower arrangements. Further, chrysanthemums are also used with lilies and roses to create bouquets that you can offer to the grieving family member as a symbol of your respect and condolence.

So, now you know which flowers are ideal for mellow occasions like funerals and memorial services. Order online and receive timely delivery from SnapBlooms.

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