Every customer service agent expects to receive a few calls from irate customers daily. It is the most stressful part of being a customer service agent. If you do not know how to counter irate customer calls, you may take the complaints personally, and that would affect your performance. That is why it is important to know the best way to handle irate customers. 

You have to stay focused to resolve the issues calmly and effectively. Practice these ways to have the confidence in taking calls with angry and frustrated customers.

Active Listening

The best way to calm an irate customer during calls is to listen to their concerns actively. You cannot afford to miss out on important details during your interaction. Actively listening helps you pick up the crucial details and gives insight on what to ask to clarify their concerns.

Being proactive during the call helps smoothen the negotiation towards the solution. Interest-based negotiation calms irate customers. It makes them feel valued and confident that the conversation favors their interests. Moreover, do not forget to show empathy. 

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Explain Refusals

Most customer service agents are hesitant to refuse customer requests as some customers do not like to hear “no.” Well, there is no perfect way to say “no,” but one thing is for sure, explaining your refusal calms the customer. 

A clear explanation leaves no room for any misunderstanding. Be transparent and tell the customer why they can’t have their request. Remember, a plain refusal sounds rude to your customers. 

Be Honest

Overselling a product or service is one way to create high customer expectations. If their expectations are not met, disappointment comes, or worse, negative feedback. That is why honesty is the best policy. It helps reduce irate customers bombarding your contact center and lessens negative feedback as the customer does not expect any particular feature.

Moreover, if you do not have the solution to a customer’s concern, it is best to apologize than lead them to nothing. Be an honest negotiator when handling customers to foster trust and maintain the company’s reputation.


No agent enjoys handling frustrated and angry customers during business calls, which gets them worked up dealing with it. When a product or service issue arises, the agent must be prepared to handle an irate customer and negotiate effectively to retain them.

Going the extra mile by compensating for the inconvenience is one of the effective ways to negotiate with a frustrated customer. 

Set Limits

Knowing how to set limits comes in handy when handling irate customers. Set limits beforehand to ensure you can focus on convincing the customer rather than worrying about going over the limit. Moreover, you know when to stop negotiating when a customer over demands.

Following these ways in handling an irate customer helps calm the situation. Apologize when necessary and do not bombard them with sorry. Saying sorry every chance you get appears fake to the customer. Focus on fixing and providing solutions.

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