Here is a brief description of California torch-down roofing. You can install this easily, and it is reliable and profitable. This roofing system can also be repaired and reinstalled. And it is not so much costly.

What is a Torch Down?

For flat and low-pitched roofs, torch-up roofing is an ideal alternative. It’s made of fiberglass or plastic sheets that are torched up to a roof deck and then ballasted with gravel on top. 

The supplies are reasonably priced, and the installation is straightforward enough that most homeowners can complete it independently. Furthermore, this roofing form is long-lasting and does not require replacement for many years.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Our Roofing?

The average roof lasts about 25 years, although it’s not unusual for such a roof to need to be replaced sooner. Hail damage, inadequate attic air, low-quality shingle roofs, and shoddy roof installation are a few reasons you might need a new roof. RNK Handyman is happy to assist you with any of your roof repair needs.

What are the signs that my roof needs to be repaired?

You can analyze the state of your roof by doing “regular roof checks.”

Torch down the roofing installation process

Torch-up roofing is an essential and straightforward installation process. Most householders can do it alone, which takes only a few hours. Here’s a quick rundown of the installation procedure:

  1. Begin by cleaning and removing whatever debris from the roof deck.
  2. Install the fiberglass or plastic sheets on the rooftop terrace & secure them.
  3. Torch the sheets to a roof deck, being cautious of any flammable goods in the area.
  4. Add a layer more gravel to the roof as ballast.
  5. Use roofing sealant to seal all the seams.

The Advantages of Torch-Down Roofing

Torch Down Roofs could be an excellent solution for flat roof situations that require consistent product outputs while staying within economic limits.

Torch Down roof features include:

Waterproof: Melting the bitumen directly into your roof produces a formidable barrier

No Solar Rundown: It will not melt or become brittle, ensuring long-term performance.

Low Maintenance: Torch-down roofing’s tough character makes it resistant to tears & puncture damage, reducing the need for roof repairs.

Lifespan: When professionally installed, it can endure up to 20 years.


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