Canada eTA for Lithuanian Citizens

Canada Visa for Lithuanian Citizens is eligible to enter Canada with the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian government introduced this online permit in 2015 to facilitate international tourism and travel. It allows foreign nationals from countries selected for short-term stays for tourism, business, or transit to enter Canada.

It is a multiple-entry permit that allows a maximum stay of 180 days at a time. The ETA in Canada is electronically linked to Lithuanian passports and is valid for 5 years except for passports that have expired before this time. In this case, the Canadian ETA will expire at the same time as the passport.

Are Lithuanian passport holders exempt from Canadian visa requirements?

Lithuania is one of the visa-free countries for Canada. This visa-waiver program allows you to travel to Canada without having to schedule an appointment at the Canadian Embassy in Vilnius and apply for a standard visa. Lithuanians are only allowed to enter Canada with an approved ETA.

The requirement to obtain Canadian ETA for Lithuanian citizens

Before starting their application, Lithuanian travelers must cross-check that they have met the basic requirements of eTA to travel to Canada. These are more detailed below:

  • Having a biometric passport issued in Lithuania
  • Frequently used email addresses
  • Debit or credit card

A biometric (also referred to as an electronic) passport is a secure and time-consuming travel document that allows access to most international destinations, including fast queues with a unique identification chip. Lithuanians with an electronic passport must ensure that they remain valid for up to 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada.

Second, they must submit an email ID that they have used frequently since the Canadian eTA confirmation, and all other communications will be via email only. Lastly, they should make sure that the credit or debit card they want to use is approved for online payments in advance and carries sufficient funds.

Canada eTA for Latvian Citizens

Canada Visa for Latvian Citizens interested in traveling to Canada is eligible for the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian government introduced eTA in 2015 to reduce the bureaucracy previously required for traditional visas. It is available to selected countries whose citizens (including Latvians) can travel to Canada for short-term travel for tourism, business or transit.

Canadian eTA is an online multiple-entry visa waiver. An electronic travel authorization is attached to the traveler’s passport and is not transferable to a new document. This means that if a passport expires 5 years before the Canadian eTA’s approval, this travel permit also expires.

Do Latvians need a Canadian visa?

Latvian nationals traveling to Canada for short-term visits for the reasons mentioned earlier can only do so via eTA. Latvia is a country that does not require a standard embassy to enter Canada. Visitors wishing to stay in Canada for an extended period of time or to complete long-term employment or academic studies should contact the Canadian Embassy in Riga for more details.

Latvian travelers must meet the requirements for the Canadian ETA

Before they can proceed with the application, Latvian citizens must ensure that they have met the Canadian eTA requirements. These terms are standard for most electronic travel approvals and are listed below:

  • Have a biometric passport compatible with Canadian eTA
  • Use a frequently used email address
  • Have a debit or credit card
  • A Biometric (also known as electronic) passport is a secure travel document. It allows entry into Canada. This facilitates quicker queues at border controls. Latvians with a biometric passport must ensure that it is valid for 6 months upon arrival in Canada.

They must make sure that they use the email ID that they submit often. All communication including confirmation of issuance of ETA will be done through email. Lastly, Latvian applicants must confirm that they have used a previously approved debit or credit card for online payments.

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