Microsoft released DirectAccess for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, which allows users to remotely connect to the workplace as if they were there. By establishing a two-way connection with the user’s corporate network. This solution allows them to connect to the office and establish a connection whenever the user’s computer – with DirectAccess enabled – is connected to the Internet. We provide secure vpn services visit our site and download iTop VPN.

As employees change and the information age evolves rapidly. The needs of the organization are regulated accordingly. Employees work in more remote locations. Advances in Internet technology have enabled them to work from remote locations – at home, on business meetings abroad, etc.

The mobility of our employees contributes to the success of the companies that drive our economy. With new technology ensuring constant employee productivity, the office is no longer a necessary part of a company’s efficient and profitable operations. 30.4% increase (IDC, “Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2007-2011 Forecast”, Doc #209813, December 2007).

Although technology has facilitated the growth of wireless communication

Although technology has facilitated the growth of wireless communication. Where the Internet is the backbone of this advancement. Corporate security – especially firewalls – block access to existing office resources. It causes a lot of problems, not least access to the network of IT professionals who are responsible for managing the company’s network.

In the past, VPN (virtual private network) was the solution to this problem. However, as any IT professional will tell you, using a VPN for Windows can get complicated. VPNs require users to wait for authentication. This is a process that the end user can usually wait for several minutes. If the Internet is down, the VPN connection will be lost, requiring the user to re-authenticate. With alternatives for less functionality and more problems to solve, a VPN is a real solution, even if there are problems.

DirectAccess overcomes the inherent challenges of  iTop VPN and creates an instant two-way connection between a user’s computer and their work network. With Windows 7, DirectAccess clients discover the connection to the network. The DirectAccess client then connects to the given intranet website during the initial DirectAccess configuration. This process is smooth and automatic. Unlike a VPN, which requires authentication each time, DirectAccess verifies the computer before using it. The user will try to access the network.

DirectAccess performance is easier to use than VPN UAE and benefits the productivity of the organization’s employees. With a transparent connection to the corporate network, employees no longer have to go through the tedious process that many people worry about using VPNs. With DirectAccess, data on corporate networks such as intranets, applications, file sharing will be available from wherever employees are. Can access internet connection for them. Mobile computers not only from home connection.

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