Looking for free music? These are the best apps and pages that you can use to download MP3 songs on your mobile, tablet or computer.

There are those who, even in the year 2022, prefer to download music on their mobile and enjoy it offline , without having to resort to platforms such as Spotify , Apple Music or Deezer , and therefore, being able to enjoy their music at any time and place, without having an Internet connection.

And although it has become increasingly complicated

to download free music directly to the mobile phone outside of this type of online platform legally , there are still ways to do it. Today we are going to review the best apps and pages to download music from your mobile or computer, for free, easily and legally .Apps to download free music on mobile

Although its popularity has plummeted due to the rise of streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, the truth is that apps to download new mp3 directly to your mobile still have their audience. apps to download music on android

Keep in mind that most apps to download music

 to Android phones are not available on Google Play, but you will have to resort to alternatives to the Google app store to be able to get hold of them. However, the links we provide you are totally safe and reliable

Although it is a third-party client for YouTube

New Pipe has among its functions the possibility of downloading music from YouTube videos in high-quality formats up to 160 kbps. The process to download free MP3 music using New Pipe is extremely simple.

It is a free open source app that can be downloaded through F-Droid.

Another good option to download music for free on an Android mobile is Music. Like the previous app, this one base its operation on the YouTube catalog to obtain the audio files of the videos, and allows you to save them in the memory of your mobile.

Thanks to the built-in search engine, you can find any song –as long as it’s on YouTube, of course–, and download it for free to your mobile or computer memory. Before going on to see the applications to download free music on the mobile, we must bear in mind that on these platforms and services we will not find the works of the most famous artists worldwide.

Instead, the most common is to find music created by independent artists who have decided to share their creations with the world without asking for anything in return.