JINRO soju is already a global trend worldwide and each country has different ways to enjoy soju. Sometimes, it is enjoyed during conversations, alongside a delicious meal. For our last article, we’ve shown different ways to enjoy drinking JINRO soju during year-end party. In Korea, drinking games are often played frequently and it is captured frequently in K-Dramas and movies. If you’re looking to hype up your night, I would recommend playing these Korean drinking games.

Here are a few Korean drinking games you can have a go next time when you’re drinking JINRO soju with friends.

1. Titanic or Submarine

Sounds familiar with the term of Titanic or Submarine? You will need a beer glass and a shot glass for this game. This game is suitable for 4 to 5 people. First, fill the beer glass with beer and gently place the shot glass in the beer glass so it floats. Each person takes turn to pour as much soju as they want into the shot glass. The catch is, whoever makes the shot glass sink, he or she has to drink the whole glass of alcohol.

2. Soju bottle cap flick

This drinking game is pretty simple. JINRO soju bottle caps are made with metal so they’re bendable. Take the JINRO soju cap, twist the loose part until it is straight without breaking it from the cap bottle and flick it with your finger. You only get one chance per turn and continue to pass the cap around until someone breaks it. Whoever can successfully do so gets to choose people to drink.

3. High or Low game with JINRO soju bottle cap

After you flick the tail off the cap you can play a whole new game with the cap. I bet most people do not know there’s a number hidden under the soju caps. Whoever flicks the tail off the cap can be the host by telling the other players that the number is between 1- 50. So players can start guessing what number it is, if the said number is higher, the host will show a thumbs down and if the said number is lower then the host will show a thumbs up to indicate whether the number is should be higher or lower. The player who eventually calls out the number “36” becomes the loser and has to drink.

4. 3-6-9 Game (Samyukgu Game)

Do you have troubles with math? This is a drinking game involving numbers. In this game each player says one number counting up, but for each number that has the number of 3, 6 and 9 in it you have to clap. Whoever messes up must drink. Imagine the numbers 33, 36, or 39, that means you have to clap twice because it has two numbers that involve the numbers of 3, 6 and 9.

5. Instinct Game (Noonchi Game)

This drinking game is popular among young drinkers yet slightly complicated. Let’s say there are 6 people at the table. The goal of this game is to count consecutively to 6 or the number of people playing the game. Players lose if two people say the same number at the same time, so two losers have to drink and whoever who calls the last number also must drink. This game requires you to read body language and see if someone is about to speak.

There are also tons of other worldwide drinking games you could try with your friends and families. There’s the original beer pong, where we can switch the drinks with JINRO soju to hype up your night faster. Of course, there’s also Flip Cup where two opposing groups stand on opposite sides of a table, placing the empty cups upside down on the edge of the surface. Whichever team that flips the cups the fastest wins. Lastly, there’s also the Never Have I Ever game. If you’re not familiar with this game, you basically use ‘Never have I ever’ as a prefix to a sentence for something you’ve never done, and everyone who has done it has to drink.

So, for this coming festive season, choose your favorite JINRO drink and enjoy the party with drinking games. HiteJinro Global YouTube channel has published an episode of Soju Fact regarding the drinking games in Korea, for more understanding, you can check it out at How well do you know drinking games?ㅣSOJU FACT EP.04. A night out drinking with friends is never complete without drinking games. So, get your gaming skills ready for a fun night with JINRO soju this year-end season and you can check out JINRO soju’s official store here, JINRO Philippine’s Lazada and Shopee account.

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