Escape From Tarkov is an exhilarating and punishing multiplayer FPS. Its gritty style has boosted its popularity, but it can also be frustratingly hard.

Cheaters are a big problem for many players, and they can ruin the experience of even the most well-meaning of gamers. Recently, developers have teamed up to sue the biggest cheat providers, claiming millions of dollars in losses.

What is EFT?

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What is Cheating?

Cheating is a term for breaking the rules in a game or relationship. It can refer to physical, virtual, or emotional infidelity. It’s not always clear what cheating is, as it depends on subjective experiences, values, belief systems, and relationship expectations. Some experts argue that there is no one correct definition of fidelity and cheating, but that partners can responsibly draw boundaries and resolve disputes in healthy ways.

Cheating in video games involves using third-party software or hardware to gain an advantage over the original game’s developers. This is done by modifying the game code or using glitches to alter the game’s functionality. It can also be achieved by exploiting bugs that are present in the game. This type of cheating is more common in multiplayer games.

Using external software or hardware is known as hacking, and it has been around since the early days of video gaming. Magazines and websites devoted to listing cheat codes for various consoles and computer systems helped form the hacking industry and cemented it as part of gaming culture. The advent of the Internet changed the way that cheating worked. It became possible to communicate cheats to other players across the world, and it became much harder for game designers to prevent it.

In addition to modifying game code, some gamers use third-party hardware to cheat in online multiplayer games. This can include devices such as POKE cheat cartridges, a device that attaches to an interface port on a home console or computer and allows the user to modify game data at runtime. It is also possible to create macro scripts that automate player actions, allowing them to find items or defeat enemies at will. This is a common form of cheating in MMORPGs, and the terms of service for most modern online games explicitly prohibit this type of cheating.

Other forms of cheating in online multiplayer games involve modifying network packets to change the game’s state. This is more difficult to detect and usually results in a ban from the game’s developer.

What Is the Problem With Cheating?

In relationships, cheating is harmful because it undermines trust. In a romantic relationship, it shatters that trust and damages the integrity of both parties. It’s also wrong because it reflects a lack of respect for the work of others. Cheating is also a form of dishonesty that hurts the people you love and the community around you. For example, the 2012 cheating scandal at the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York City confirmed that academic dishonesty is widespread even at the highest levels of education.

For Escape From Tarkov players, cheating is a huge problem because it can ruin a game experience by wiping out hours of progress and the gear players have spent time gathering. It can also destroy the friendships that gamers build with other players and it’s unfair to the developers who have worked hard to create a quality product.

Woody, a YouTuber who runs carries for money in Escape From Tarkov, says that cheaters are “very rampant in the game right now.” He notes that finding a carrier is as simple as a Google search and that most carrying Discords have sections dedicated to helping newcomers find their way into the hacker scene. He says that his side hustle allows him to see the telltale signs of a player using cheats, but he’d prefer that Battlestate Games focused their efforts on making cheats inaccessible.

Gigabeef agrees that cheating is a problem in Tarkov, although he points out that it’s hard to pin down how many players are affected by it. He says that the game’s structure is what drives the cheating, as it encourages real-world trading of in-game items and rewards hackers with cash. As a result, getting banned doesn’t do much to deter them.

Unlike Woody, Gigabeef believes that game developers have a strong incentive to crack down on cheating, as it has a negative impact on the gaming industry overall. He suggests that instead of trying to fight the cheaters on their own, studios should pool their resources and team up to take down the big players. This approach would be more effective than attacking individual cheaters and wasting the energy and resources that are needed to combat a larger issue.

What is the Solution?

Escape from Tarkov has a lot going for it, with the survival shooter offering an original take on gameplay and a strong foundation that it could build upon for years to come. Unfortunately, it’s plagued with a serious cheating problem that is impacting the enjoyment of many players. This is a shame as the game’s potential audience could be expanded by its Steam release and console debut, but it’s an issue that Battlestate Games will have to resolve on its own.

The developer recently posted an update on Reddit, claiming that it bans several thousand cheaters a day and is constantly updating its systems to catch them. However, this doesn’t appear to be enough, with a recurring suggestion from players in the thread asking for an extra layer of verification like mobile phone verification to prevent hackers from using third-party software to bypass detection.

This is a fight that a single studio can’t win on its own, with many hacking tools allowing users to spoof HWIDs and aimbots in all sorts of games without punishment. Perhaps a coalition of companies with the resources to go after the biggest offenders would be the best way forward. This is an issue that could affect a lot more than just Escape From Tarkov, so it needs a global solution.