When cleaned the traditional way, a Waterhog floor mat has an average lifespan of three to four years. This time frame is determined by how thoroughly the mat is cleaned. After being cleaned with our method, the lifetime of a WaterHog Impressions HD Logo Mats was increased by factor of two to three, making it considerably more durable overall.

When we say “traditional washing methods,” we mean cleaning floor mats with front-load or top-load washers, which are quite similar to the washers you use at home to clean your clothes. The procedure of cleaning floor mats with front load or top load washers is referred to as the “traditional washing method.” After being agitated in hot, soapy water for a while, the mats are placed in dryers to be cleaned and dried.

Belly or pocket washers, which perform the same activities as traditional washers but have a larger capacity, may also be used by companies who clean commercial and industrial mats. Except for their size, these washers are identical to standard washers in every way. This is because belly washers and pocket washers have the same basic construction. Furthermore, the bulk of these enterprises employs tunnel washers to improve their capacity to an even greater extent. The process of washing a large number of clothes in a nonstop cycle was designed to be automated, and those involved in the development of tunnel washers kept that aim in mind as they worked. Filthy floor mats or clothing are put into a chamber conveyor or an overhead sling at one end of the machine. Water is put onto the machine from the opposite end. The agitation for the chamber is provided by a huge spiral screw that circulates across the length of the chamber, which is frequently referred to as the “tunnel.” This screw pushes the linen from one pocket to the next while moving it to compartments that carry purer water and more up-to-date chemicals. While dirty clothes are constantly fed into one end of the machine, clean clothing is constantly retrieved from the other end.

All normal cleaning processes include moving the mat in some way, whether by rotating, twisting, or even tumbling it, which reduces the mat’s overall resilience and shortens its lifespan. Assume you have a huge capacity front-loading washing machine and you need to launder one hundred pairs of blue jeans, each of which is a different size. They can break free from their imprisonment, but only after becoming entangled and knotted with one another in the process. Someone has to give these jeans a nice yank and a strong tug to separate them so they can be dried. This is required for them to be prepared. Following that, they should be placed in the dryer. You should now apply it to floor mats, the length of which can range from four to sixty feet, and wash them all together. A dangerously high degree of misuse and overuse!

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