The toilet is an essential Bathroom fixture. However, it gets relatively less attention when it comes to a bathroom makeover or upgrades. But if you want your bathroom to be highly functional and look good, then it is important to give equal attention to choosing a toilet. This may not be possible unless you know what kind of toilet you are looking for and why. From space available to looks and budget, there are various factors that you can consider when considering a suitable toilet choice for your bathroom. 

You may have to choose between a wall-hung and a floor standing toilet, among the most popular choices. It is not possible to make the right choice unless you understand their difference and advantages over one another.

The purpose of this blog is to help you understand how the two most popular toilets differ from each other.  

Difference Between a Floor Standing Toilet and a Wall Hung Toilet. 

Before we get into the major difference between a floor standing and a wall mount toilet, we need to know what these toilets actually are. 

Floor Standing Toilet. 

A typical toilet that directly sits on the floor is known as a floor-standing toilet. It comes in two types a close coupled toilet that is a bowl and a cistern joining together to make a single unit. In comparison, another type is a back-to-wall toilet that stands on the floor against the wall with plumbing and a flush tank concealed inside the wall or a WC unit. 

Wall Hung Toilet. 

It is a kind of toilet that does not sit on the floor but fits on the wall. That makes it leaves the floor space empty while all the plumbing, including the flush tank, remains inside the wall. So, it is a floating-style toilet that is a great space-saving option for someone looking for something that is stylish and saves space at the same time. It is the most minimalist option among all toilet types available in the market. 

Why Choose a Floor Standing Toilet?

Most of us already have a floor-standing toilet in our bathrooms, like a close coupled toilet which is most common in the UK. Most of these toilets generally have plumbing through the floor or wall on the back of the toilet. However, the floor-standing is far less complicated when comparing the ease of plumbing with the hung wall style. So, that means the floor-standing toilets are easier to install and maintain. That makes it possible to install it on your own as a DIY project. Even when hiring a plumber for this purpose, the installation will be completed quickly, resulting in lower costs. Moreover, it also benefits in case of any problem within a toilet as plumbing is accessible easily. 

Another reason for preferring a floor-standing toilet may be its looks. The close-coupled and back-to-wall toilets are the most widely available designs in the market. That means the variety of styles, shapes, and designs you can choose from a much more than the wall hung toilets. You can choose round, square, rimless, or short projection with cistern available in various designs. That helps you achieve the looks you want in the bathroom. 

Although the floor standing option may not be the most minimalist or sleek option in comparison to the wall-hung toilet, they are still preferred for all types and sizes of the bathrooms. It is because of its easy incorporation into the overall design. 

Why Choose a Wall Mounted Toilet?

The wall hung toilet is a floating style bowl fitted on the wall with a cistern concealed inside it. So, there is no part of it on the floor. All of the plumbing and everything else remains hidden in the back wall. Only the floating toilet pan is visible. The space underneath is clear, resulting in the minimalist and spacious feel for even a small bathroom. That’s why many people who have small bathrooms prefer it to make it look and feel bigger. The cleaning is a lot easier than space-saving due to the clear floor and minimalist shape with only a toilet bowl visible.

Why Choose a Wall Mounted Toilet?

In comparison to the floor standing toilet, the wall-hung style is far more luxurious and modern-looking. So, it can be a preferred reason to some buyers when it comes to an attractive look. However, you will most properly end up paying more for it. 

Our Verdict. 

When it comes to making a choice between a close-coupled toilet and a wall hung toilet, there is no simple answer to it because it all depends on your personal preference and space requirements. For example, in some cases, fitting the cistern inside the wall may not be an option for you, leaving only a close-coupled or a back-to-wall toilet to choose from. Moreover, your budget may also include an important consideration. Both toilets are good for different reasons. Our discussion in this blog will be helpful in deciding the better option for you.

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