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If you want to connect the HP printer on windows 10 that will get a prompt” enter Wps Pin In the Hp Printer. When you use an HP printer and need to install the printer over Windows 10, you must Wps Pin to link the HP printer to the wireless network. The HP printer uses a new technology of WPS by the various devices to communicate with the help of others. It helps to create a secure connection among the machine. Hence, WPS Pin is highly secured, safe, and faster than a USB connection.

 What is WPS Pin?

 WPS Pin has eight digital numbers generated by the HP printer for the different wireless connections with routers. It works with the support of the wireless Router and has a secret code among its device. This WPS pin protects the printer from third-party people like neighbors and other hotels. Almos each Hp printer utilizes the WPS technology by every printer company in the future. Find the WPS Pin for the printer and link it wirelessly in a satisfactory manner.

 Where is the WPS pin on the HP printer?

Now it is a common question among people where do I find the Wps Pin In the Hp Printer? The HP printers like the HP Envy 4520 and other version printers are located over the screen. One of the best ways to search and find the WPS pin is to print it from the same existing printer. When you have at the printer and then find a small screen on that, the WPS Pin is generated for the wireless connection. Still, you need not have a screen in other version printers. Therefore, you have to know how the WPS pin hp printer works on the printer. You must use the WPS pin for the HP printer too, and solve this WPS pin problem for different printers; you have to follow the two types of options.

 Two types of connection from HP printer 

  • Push Button
  • WPS Pin

 How to set up an HP printer Via WPS Push Button?

 When you utilize the HP printer over which you have a screen or control panel and use this method to connect the printer to the PC

  • When the printer is “OFF”, tune the Printer “ON”. Else it is “ON the restart the before going to the next steps
  • Then take a look at the printer and find a wireless button or icon
  • Now hold the Button “ Wireless” over the printer
  • Now you find out Blue or Green light start flashing over the Printer
  • You need to go through the Wireless Router
  • At the end of the Router and find a WPS Button
  • You need to hold and press the WPS button for 3-4 sec
  • WPS light needs to start blinking over the Router itself
  • Now you must wait for 2 to 3 minutes and both the light over the printer and router stop blinking
  • Finally, the Hp printer is wirelessly connected to the same PC

 When you are using an HP printer with a screen or control of the panel, then follow these easy steps

  • You have to turn on the printer when it is on the restart before going to move to the next step
  • You must reach the Hp printer control panel and press the Wireless Button
  • Now wireless Blue light is blinking over the printer
  • Over the printer screen, find out the “Wifi Protected setup “ option
  • Once reach the Wifi Protected setup, then choose the Push button. “
  • Go to the wireless Router and backside the Router to the WPS button
  • Press hold which WPS button for a few seconds
  • Was light start blinking over the more rote itself
  • Wait for up to 2 to 3 min both the light over the printer and router to stop blinking
  • You have to take a look at the printer screen “ Connection Established. “
  • Now the printer is linked with the help of the wireless network with the WPS button option.

How to step up HP printer through the WPS Pin?

 When using the printer, have a screen or control panel; you must find the WPS PIN for the HP printer.

  • You ON the printer and where it is ON, then restart it before moving to the next step.
  • Now you must have an HP printer control panel and press the Wireless button.
  • Wireless Blue light starts to blink.
  • Printer screen and find the option “ Wifi protected setup “
  • Go to the WiFi-protected setup and select the WPS pin.
  • Now the WPS Pin must be generated over your HP printer.
  • Remember the WPS PIN to be on the screen for 8 to 10 sec and need to generate the new pint when it is not working. Now enter the WPS pin over the Hp printer over the PC screen.
  • Finally, the WPS pin is automatically generated, and the HP printer is connected wirelessly to the windows 10 computer.

 By following the above two methods, you can simply get an idea about how wps pin on hp printer In addition, it gives more comfortable for the customer.

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