Good verbal communication skills can benefit people in different parts of their life. Effective communication can make your relationships work better, help you in academics, and can help you with success in your career. Therefore, it is important to work on the areas that need improvement.  

Among other benefits of being a good speaker, companies actually value people who are vocal about problems. Finding candidates who are not shy is a part of the best talent acquisition strategies by hiring managers. So, if communication is not one of your major skills, it is best to start working on it. Here are some habits you can use to improve verbal communication:  

Think Before You Speak 

Before you engage in a talk, it is best to give it a thought beforehand. Clear your head and make a clear plan of the things you want to put forward. The advantage of thinking things through is that you won’t stutter. Ahhs, umms, and wells in speech can take the attention of people away from the topic. Not to mention, you may have more extended pauses when you have not prepared what you are trying to communicate. So, that’s not what you should be doing. And thinking beforehand can significantly help you in resolving such issues in speech.  

Be Concise and Effective 

There are many ways of conveying the same idea. But the problem is that if you stretch something too long, people can lose track of the original idea. Therefore, it is better to make your sentences concise and effective in delivering the idea. This practice can help you get heard without the listeners losing track of the communication. So, it is something you should incorporate into your speaking habits.  

Vary Your Tone with Speech 

For a good speech, your tone should reflect the words you are uttering. If you speak consistently with just one tone, it starts to sound robotic. And that’s not how effective speech works. So, it is important to change your tone and express emotions when you are saying something.  

Speak with Confidence  

A very important element of speaking effectively is to speak with confidence. When you are confident in what you are communicating, it becomes more convincing to the audience. Also, it delivers the notion that you believe in what you are speaking. So, it is important to speak with confidence. When you follow the tips of concision and thinking before talking, becoming confident with your speech becomes easier. 

Practice Speaking Alone 

A lot of introverted people have trouble expressing themselves through speech. And it can create a lot of problems for them. One way to come out of your comfort zone and be good at communication is to practice when you are alone. Practice speaking in front of a mirror and improve the areas that need improvement. Also, when you are practicing, writing things down or making bullets can be a good idea too.  

Be in Control of Your Body 

When you are speaking, your body language must be in coherence with what you are speaking. Your facial expressions and hand gestures should go perfectly with your verbal speech to have maximum effect. When you are speaking with confidence and have control of your body, your speech automatically becomes better. Speaking in front of a mirror can help you with this aspect as well.  

Think About Others Perspectives 

For communication to work, you should be open to listening to others’ perspectives. Not just listen to it, but think about it too. There can be more things to grasp from communication when you pay heed to what they are saying. Also, it helps communication to be more productive too and reach a conclusion. So, it is another habit you should adopt to be better at communication. 

Become a Good Listener 

Speaking and listening are the activities you have to become involved in side-by-side. You cannot become a good speaker if you are not a good listener. Therefore, it is important to lend an ear when others are speaking. Good listening is a major skill in people responsible for hiring. That is why the recruiters in a staffing agency Austin or any other are great at communication especially listening as it is also a huge part of their job. When you are paying attention to both sides of communication, you can engage people in a much better way.  


To sum things up, you should work on the following habits to become better at verbal communication: 

  • Think Before You Speak  
  • Be Concise and Effective 
  • Vary Your Tone with Speech  
  • Speak with Confidence  
  • Practice Speaking Alone 
  • Be in Control of Your Body  
  • Think About Others’ Perspectives 
  • Become a Good Listener 

When you follow these tips, you can become a lot better at verbal communication.