Over time, your home’s modest balcony may come to serve as your go-to storage location. I suppose that at some point, we’ve all done that. It’s a shame, too, because with the appropriate design, your balcony—regardless of its size—can become your absolute haven.

Don’t let your balcony’s limited size in your home in one of the apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai depress you. You’ll discover straight away that a little balcony design is quite easy to make and gives the word “creative” entirely new meanings! Here are some of the best small balcony decorating tips and tricks:

1. Make use of vertical space. Have you been searching for balcony renovation ideas but finding nothing past your floor? Your little balcony can easily have a floor built into it. Utilizing outdoor decking floors, you can actually make it yourself.

One of our favorite hacks and ideas for IKEA’s little balconies is this one. Choose from traditional hardwood decks in a variety of colors or fake grass decks for a garden-like ambiance. Mix & match for a stylish appearance if you’re feeling particularly imaginative.

2. Use a hanging planter or trellis

3. Bring in potted plants

4. Add a privacy screen or curtains

5. Install awnings or shade sails

6. Put up some fairy lights

7. Use outdoor furniture that can be folded away or stacked

8. Invest in multi-purpose furniture pieces

9. Create a cozy nook with cushions and throws

10. Store items underneath your seating area

11. Keep things tidy with baskets and bins

12. Think about using wall-mounted shelves or planters

13. Don’t forget about floor space – consider a rug or mat

14. Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space

15. Use light colors when painting or furnishing your balcony. We all recall how wonderful it was as children to sit in a rocking chair and rock until we were lightheaded. It would be wise to think about including a rocking chair in your designs for small balconies. Count on us for this. You’ll find yourself dozing off in the rocking chair every night if you add a pillow.

16. Consider using furniture with built-in storage

17. Install a retractable clothesline

18. Add some greenery – artificial plants can work well too!

19. Make use of wall space with wall art or decals. For your preferred book collection, you don’t need to purchase large floor bookshelves. You have a magnificent wall that you may use to create a small library on your tiny balcony, which you have come to view as a burden.

Installing a few shelves top to bottom is all that is necessary to get started. Utilize every square inch of that wall, and consider placing some plants in between.

20. Get creative with DIY projects

21. Keep it simple for a minimalist look. IKEA has a seemingly infinite supply of suggestions for what to include in a breakfast area. Consider having shelves where your dry items, such as oats, cereals, and spices, are always available. You can add an omelet station with a portable burner as well as a mini-fridge for your cheese or vegetables.

Don’t forget to bring a foldable table with small seats so you can relax and take in the scenery while you have a delicious meal. Add a few utensils and plates to the mix. Storage on-the-go trolleys will be helpful in this situation. If your kitchen and balcony are physically connected, this idea works wonderfully, but it’s also perfectly feasible without it.

These are the best tips to decorate a small balcony in your home in one of the apartments for sale in Business Bay.

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