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PDF remains one of the most helpful file formats in the office environment but finding a free PDF converter that fits your needs perfectly can be tricky. Unfortunately, a PDF viewer does not provide the capabilities to edit and personalize PDF files when required.

This obstacle often leads people to purchase additional software so they can maximize all PDF features.

However, these types of software may cost a business more. Users might need to pay for it before installation or signing up for a membership that bills monthly, making PDF a less popular choice for some.

The good news is that there’s another option. You can easily use the PDF file format and edit the documents and merge PDF files without paying additional fees – while still saving time – with the help of

Read on to find out more about PDFs, converters, and how to choose the right tools.

What Is a PDF Document? And Why Use It Anyway?

PDF is the acronym for “Portable Document Format.” The .pdf file extension on these documents makes them read-only for easy distribution. PDFs are commonly used for documents that do not require edits, such as application forms, scanned documents, and business proposals.

Adobe created the file format in the 1990s to achieve two things:

  1. Opening important documents on any operating system word to pdf or hardware using a PDF reader, including most web browsers
  2. Maintaining the layout of the document wherever the receiver opens the PDF file

In 2008, Adobe relinquished control of PDF development to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Since then, PDF has become an open standard.

Benefits of PDFs

PDF is an excellent file format for most business documents. It offers users several distinct benefits, including:

  • Maintaining graphic integrity – PDF files show the exact content and layout no matter the software app, device, or operating system someone is using to view it.
  • Multi-dimensionality – PDF allows the integration of various content in a document. These include images, text, videos, audio files, hyperlinks, vector graphics, buttons, and more.
  • Convenience – PDFs are easy to create, read, and use.
  • Security – The file format offers options for setting up different access levels to protect document content, such as digital signatures, passwords, and watermarks.
  • Compactness – PDF can theoretically hold an unlimited amount of information and be compressed into file sizes that are easy to exchange with retaining control over the image quality.

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