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An appraisal is similar to a valuation; however, it is done by an authorized person or a government official. An appraisal is done for properties, businesses, antiques, and collectibles. The person doing the appraisal is called the appraisers, and they need to be authorized by the local authority or the government. Appraisal of properties is important as the value is used in calculating the tax and insurance. It also helps determine the value of the property and its selling price. An appraisal is an integral part of a real estate deal. 

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The appraisal amount is crucial for both the seller and the buyer. If the buyer finds out that the price is higher than the appraisal amount, they will back out from the deal, and similarly, a seller will make a loss if they set a price below the appraisal value. The appraisal amount is also used in mortgage agreements as the lender will ask for the appraisal value. If the appraisal value is inaccurate, the mortgage agreement and other documents will stand to be irrelevant. There are several methods to calculate the appraisal value, and real estate agents choose the one they feel the most comfortable using.

How do appraisers determine the value?

 There are many factors that an appraiser needs to take into consideration while determining the value of the property.

The exterior of the house

The first step an appraiser does while determining the value of the property is to analyze the house’s exterior. They do this by examining the material used in constructing the house and its overall structure. The appraiser pays close attention to the foundation of the value and will take into account any cracks or signs of any damage.

The interior of the house

The house’s interior is just as important as the exterior, if not more. An appraiser does not determine the value of the party based on the furniture and decorations placed inside. However, a well-maintained, neat house has a better effect than a cluttered and unclean house. Since the interior of the house indirectly affects the value of the property, many property owners stage the house. The appraiser typically looks at the materials used within the house, including the flooring, the light fixtures, the windows and the doors—the square footage of the house, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms the house has. You should invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

The amenities

While looking at the interiors, the appraisers will also look at the number and quality of amenities provided at the house. They also take into consideration anything that helps make the house more comfortable. Amenities include factors like central air conditioning, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems, and custom window treatments placed within the house. All these things can help increase the value of the property in the market.


Any upgrades carried out by the property owner will be taken into consideration and will potentially increase the value of the house. The appraiser will look for things like the new kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other such features. Similarly, a newly made luxurious bathroom can significantly increase the value of the property, and any renovations done to them will be looked at by the appraiser. Property owners save the receipts of their upgrades, which they then show the appraiser. These receipts show the value of materials used and help them reach a value to give the upgrades.

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The task of deciding the worth of the property is no easy job and is something that requires a lot of research and commitment. In order to find an accurate value, the appraiser must be well-skilled and experienced. Many appraisers take the help of online platforms such as valuation tools and comparison sites to determine the worth of the estate in question.

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