Do you want to get the best gear in Diablo 4 to get a head start in Season 3? Then, you must not miss this guide. 


Legendary Aspects and Unique items are essential when creating powerful builds in Diablo 4. That’s why it’s crucial to know the best way to equip your farming equipment. 

In this guide, we’ll detail the best ways to farm gear in Diablo 4 Season 3. We’ll cover various methods for farming specific items types and other great ways to get legendary and unique Diablo 4 items

This guide is tailored for high-level players who have reached level 50, completed Campaign and Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon, and advanced to World Tier 3. 

Until then, it’s not really worth targeting farming or worrying too much about gear. Because they will become obsolete after reaching World Tier 3, anyway. For it, maybe you need to buy Diablo 4 items in advance for upcoming Season 3 to be fully prepared. 


There are four major ways that most players farm legendary and unique gear in Diablo 4, namely Helltides, Whispers, Nightmare Dungeons, and Murmuring Obols. 

Of these, Helltides and Whispers are generally considered the best, as they allow you to target farms. Targeted farming means you can look for specific types of gear you might need, rather than relying on completely random drops. 


Helltides are generally considered the best method of objective farming in Diablo 4 . However, they are only available in World Tier 3 and 4, so you must complete Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon first. 

Enemies in Helltides area drop Aberrant Cinders, which you can exchange for Tortured Gift of Mystery Chest, which drops high-level items. These chests feature increased legendary item spawn rates. 

So if you’re playing these events, collect as many Aberrant Cinders as possible. In the process of farming these Cinders, you may also earn more legendary loot. 


Whispers are bounties you can complete on Diablo 4 map after completing Campaign. This is available in all World Tiers. So you don’t have to wait until you reach a higher difficulty. 

First, completing Tree of Whispers can grant you Grim Favors through specific activities. Turning in 10 Grim Favors will net you treasure chests and increase your chances of getting rare gear. So if you’ve already beaten the major story, this is an easy way to get legendary items. 

You can also get Grim Favors by focusing on farming dungeons or clearing Cellars quickly. Tree of Whispers will reset Grim Favors available to you every 90 minutes. 

However, Whispers are not as effective as Helltides. Because it focused its reward cache on random gear types, rather than the more specific Helltides Chest. 

Nightmare Dungeons 

Nightmare Dungeons tend to bring you a lot of loot when you kill the demonic hordes within them. Monsters will often drop legendary items as you progress through levels, and if you’re lucky, a unique item may appear. 

Best of all, you’ll also receive guaranteed legendary loot upon completing Nightmare Dungeons. 

While Nightmare Dungeons don’t allow for easy targeted farming, leaving you to rely on random loot drops, they’re great for collecting legendary and unique items while farming Diablo 4 Gold

If you’re after legendary and unique items rather than what you need for your build. Then we recommend you do Nightmare Dungeons to get powerful items while leveling up quickly. 

Murmuring Obols 

Murmuring Obols are a currency in Diablo 4 that players can find by completing World Events. You can take them to the Purveyors of Curiosity in any central town, where you can trade for any type of gear you might need. 

But please note that this is always a gamble, so rewards are contingent. But if you’re lucky, it might give you a legendary item. 

Murmuring Obols are not a good target farming specific source. But you can trade in the extra items you find in Whispers, Nightmare Dungeons, or Helltides to get some extra loot when you return to town. 

Best Farming Spots 

If you’re still in the early stages and looking for some legendary and unique gear, some methods above may not apply to you. But if you want to level up quickly, then finding some special farming locations might help you a lot. 

Here, we’ll give you a list of locations where you can farm legendary and unique gear. Mainly because they’re fast, full of elite enemies, or reset frequently enough that you can complete them repeatedly. 

Frozen Tunnel Cellar 

In some cases, Cellar itself is an excellent location to farm for loot. Because they are very easy to master, and leaving Cellar and quitting the game will reset them easily. 

One place to try this is Frozen Tunnel Cellar southwest of Kyovashad. If you manage to master it, you’ll also get a Greater Radiant Chest. And, as a bonus, it’s also close to World Events, so you can run between the two locations and farm to your heart’s content. 

Frozen Tunnel Cellar is a location you can access early in the game, but many Cellars offer similar farming opportunities. 

Ancient Syphon World Event 

This farming site is located in Western Ways area of Fractured Peaks. This is one of the best locations in Diablo 4, as it is easy to activate and reset. 

As with many of these farms, it works best if you’ve reached World Tier 3, as the rewards are quite high compared to the difficulty of the activity. 

It’s worth farming even if you’re on a lower level. Because if your character is strong enough, you can defeat it in a minute too. This will provide you with Greater Radiant Chest, which drops legendary items and Murmuring Obols. 

Keep in mind that you can also trade these Murmuring Obols for legendary items, which is worth the effort. You can then reset the activity by leaving the game and coming back. 

Anica’s Claim 

Anica’s Claim is located in Fractured Peaks area east of Kyovashad. This dungeon is particularly easy to clear, and you will encounter at least ten elites, all of whom have a chance to drop legendary equipment. 

Dungeon enemies will respawn after leaving and returning. But if this doesn’t work right away, you can also try leaving and returning, or using the multiplayer respawn trick to continue farming legendary items. 

Keep in mind that if the dungeon doesn’t seem to reset right away, you can also find a World Event to temporarily clear it. 

Radiance Field Cemetery Event 

We recommend that World Events be paired with Cellar for easy farming of loot, but some World Events are excellent farming locations on their own. 

Radiance Field Cemetery Event is a great way to get legendary loot at levels 20-35 in Diablo 4. This is a short-lived event that tends to reset quickly. But if you need to speed up the process further, you can try logging out and logging back in. 

Fields Of Hatred 

Fields of Hatred is a PVP area for high-level players. It also has more elites than other zones, which also means we have more opportunities to get legendary weapons and gear. 

You can disable PVP by removing Mark for Blood from Altar of Cleansing in a nearby town. This way, if you just want to farm Diablo 4 Gold quickly, you don’t have to worry too much about other players. 

Enemies will spawn as you wander the area, so you can simply fight your way through to get more legendary items. You’ll find two Fields of Hatred locations on the map, one in the southwest area of Dry Steppes and the other in the southeast area of Kehjistan. 


These are some of the best ways to farm legendary gear for Diablo 4 Season 3 that we’ve found. Knowing these best locations and farming methods will go a long way in helping you get the legendary items you need to succeed in endgame activities. Good luck and we’ll see you at Sanctuary!