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To make a Candle in Minecraft, simply place 1 String above 1 Honeycomb in a crafting window. You can then give the Candle a specific color by placing the Candle in a window alongside a dye of your choice of color, to make a Dyed Candle. Candles can be used as light sources and provide a radius of light around them. They are also used in the crafting of Potions of Night Vision and Potions of Water Breathing.

Material required

  • 1 String
  • 1 Honeycomb

To make a Dyed Candle in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 1 String
  • 1 Honeycomb
  • 1 Dye (of your choice)

How can be they placed?

Candles can be placed on the floor or on blocks like any other block. Right-clicking on a lit Candle with a hand will extinguish it. If a lit Candle is placed on a block or non-flammable surface, it can still be destroyed with a Pickaxe. In Pocket Edition and Minecraft, Windows 10 Edition Beta, if a Candle is blown out by the wind when it isn’t protected against outside forces, it will re-light after some time.

Candles also give off light sources in a 2D radius around them. This can be seen by looking at the debug screen with F3 pressed. The Candle light value is 7.5.

Uses of candles

Candles are used in the crafting of Potions of Night Vision and Potions of Water Breathing.

To make a Potion of Night Vision, you will need:

  • 1 Glass Bottle
  • 1 Sugar
  • 1 Candle

How to extinguish candles?

There are also a few different ways to extinguish candles. One way is to use a splash potion of water, which will extinguish all nearby fire blocks and items. Another way is to cover the candle with a block, like obsidian or a block of Bedrock. And finally, you can blow out candles using your breath by right-clicking on the flame when it’s in your hand.

Candles are used in the crafting of Potions of Night Vision and Potions of Water Breathing.

To make a Candle, you’ll need:

  • 1 Block of Wax
  • 1 Stick

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Candle in inventory

To make a Candle, place the Block of Wax in the middle of the crafting grid. Then place the Stick in any slot on the right side of the Block of Wax. When the recipe is complete, you’ll have a Candle in your inventory. Candles can also be used to create Jack-o’-Lanterns.

First, light the Torch with a Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge. Then, place the Pumpkin so that the face with the carved eyeholes is facing up. Next, place four Candles around the Pumpkin. Now you have a lit Jack-o’-Lantern!

Placing candle in hot-bar

To place a Candle, just select it on your hot-bar and right-click on a surface where you want to place it. You can place You can also extinguish candles using water or by covering them with a solid block. Another thing that candle stone is used for is decoration if someone wanted candles around their house since they give off light but does not melt like glow stone would.

Crafting candles step by step

Crafting recipe

To craft a candle, use 1 string and 1 honeycomb on the crafting area. The Minecraft candle crafting recipe is the same in every version of the game with no changes whatsoever. Now you can go to your Crafting Table where you have made at least 6 Pickaxes by now and select it. You will need at least 2 candles to do this so be sure that you have them in your inventory before moving forward or else this trick won’t work


Put the two candles inside of the furnace then close it up so that there are not gaps left open around it’s exterior walls when they are gone. Once you light one candle up, wait for it to melt down completely before placing another one in its stead until you have used up all of them. Pick up the now empty furnace and place it down as you normally would if you wanted to start a new fire.

Lit the candle

The furnace will have a lit candle icon above it when at least one is burning meaning that you are doing it correctly. If you look inside, there will be a small fire going and the item that is being cooked will have a flame animation effect too. The cooking process takes about 10 minutes in total so just wait patiently until the timer runs out or else your food will become charred and inedible.

Make a fish bowl

One way to make a Fish Bowl is by using 9 Clay Blocks on top of each other with nothing else selected at the center of where you are standing then hit the crafting button on Survival Mode again. The Minecraft Fish Bowl crafting recipe is the same in every version of the game with no changes whatsoever. This will save a lot of materials since you won’t have to make so many casting molds which can eventually break down on their own if you use them enough times.


The result from combining those items in that way creates a new item known as the Bottle which acts as a container for liquids just like how canteens work in real life. In order to create some bottles, all you have to do is place 3 glass blocks on top of this enormous crafting area then select one of them once it gets highlighted within your screen. Just think about it for a moment and imagine all of the things that you could do with these bottles that you just crafted. You could store water, milk, potions, and more inside of them so that way you don’t have to carry around a lot of items with you.