If you are running a business and want to make your space look good, then you will need to have good commercial windows. While the film and photography industries may benefit from a dark work environment, most other businesses will need light. A good commercial window will help your business in more ways than one. It can improve your customer service, reduce energy bills, and enhance the overall appearance of your building. Listed below are some tips to make your windows look good.

Double-paned windows

The glass of a commercial building’s double-paned windows is an essential part of the structure. The air that is between the two layers of glass helps insulate the window, and is better absorbed by the window than dense gases. Argon and krypton gas are two gases that provide better insulation than air. Both gases are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, so if one leaks it will not harm the building or the people inside.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a strong, flexible, and UV-resistant material that is commonly used in car windows. This material is also ideal for clothing stores. It can withstand both man-made and natural threats. It can also be shaped to fit a specific interior theme or design. You can even choose a tint to match your interior color scheme. These glass types are available for a variety of commercial applications, including storefronts, balconies, and fences.

Security glass

When installing security glass for commercial windows, it’s important to know the differences between safety and security glass. While tempered and laminated glass are classified as security glass, true security glass includes enhanced glass and triple-layered laminated glass. In most cases, security glass is not necessary for commercial windows, but heavy-duty security glass will help protect your building from break-ins. Fortunately, security glass is available in a range of styles and prices.

Fixed windows

The benefits of Fixed commercial windows include increased natural light and expanded views. They are commonly used in high-end residential projects, hotels, and hospitals. The high-quality, impact-resistant systems by Aldora are streamlined and water-resistant. They are also easy to install and can accommodate high wind loads. They come with a 20-year material warranty and five-year finish warranty, making them an ideal choice for a commercial building.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are easy to operate and require very little maintenance. Some drawbacks to this type of window include their inability to tilt in for easy cleaning. Sliding windows are made of aluminum, powder-coated finishes, and different types of glass. They can also be locked for a tight seal. WDMA Sliding windows are an excellent choice for commercial buildings because they can save space and are easy to maintain. These windows have many advantages, but they may not be the best option for every business.

Mixed glass thicknesses

A window’s U-value is a measure of the amount of heat a window can transfer. This measure is expressed in kW (kilowatts) or kWh pa (kilowatt hours per annum) and can be used to calculate the effectiveness of glazing. Commercial buildings with a high temperature, humidity, or condensation should consider thermal analysis of the entire window system, including glass and the frame.


The cost of commercial windows is generally determined by the type of window used. Standard sizes of windows cost about $300 to $1,200, and specialty designs can cost even more. Installation costs can run $150 to $800 per window. For a standard window, labour costs are around $40 an hour. But there are many different options available. Some types of windows are better than others, while others are more expensive. Here are some of the most common types and their costs: