Any sensible DJ can tell you that the foremost necessary part of Djing is the music. Any nice DJ in Delhi can tell you that the one most vital facet of the role is choice – selecting the right piece of music for a specific crowd. 

Once chosen, you’re compounding skills square measure next on the list, on the other hand, there also is another set of skills that also are important to turning into an excellent DJ in Manesar: knowing the gear.

With that, let’s take a glance at many of the foremost common technical issues that may occur.

  • Headphones

While it should sound slightly ridiculous, it’s forever priced by checking that you’ve got your headphones blocked into the mixer. Several DJs place their electro-acoustic transducers on their heads whereas watching for their set.

Let’s admit it – several folks are there. During extremely unscientific polling of DJ friends and acquaintances, I discovered that this happens amazingly typically to several DJs, together with professionals.

  • Vinyl Format

If you’re aiming to bring vinyl with you, it’s an excellent plan to bring a cleanup brush or textile. There square measure only a few experiences quite as humiliating as a record jumping mid-mix.

A fast clean of your records before enjoying them will build a large distinction. Identical applies to CDs. though they’re undoubtedly a dying breed of format within the booth if you’re exploitation CDs, some quite cleaner.

  • File Not Recognized

Digital issues square measure of a distinct character entirely, as they tend to require place underneath the bonnet therefore to talk – you can’t pull a bit of fluff off a wave. File. 

If for a few reasons the CDJ doesn’t recognize your USB, you’ll attempt the previous flip it off and on once more trick. It would work, however, you’ll like have to be compelled to think about your backup if it fails. 

  • No Sound

The ‘remain calm’ recommendation undoubtedly applies to the alarming ‘no sound’ downside. If you can’t hear the music through the mixer, then check the apparent things – volume, EQ, filters, connections, etc.

We’ve seen a gaggle of 3 skilled DJs scratching their heads mid-gig over why they couldn’t hear the sound through one channel, checking the connections, twiddling with each management till somebody else distinguished that the high pass filter.

  • Additional Gear

If you’re transporting further gear like controllers, laptops, or drum machines into the booth, then you wish to induce your setup routine right down to creation to avoid bothering the DJ you’re seizing from. 

Tasks that appear simple reception in daylight, like finding cables in your bag and plugging gear into a mixer, will become amazingly difficult within the club surroundings.

  • Distortion

If the mixer goes into the red, then it should cause the music to sound distorted? Cut back the gain and keep a watch on your volume levels, keeping everything out of the red. Remember: it’s red for a reason.

You’ll have to be compelled to establish if the problem is within the main PA or happening at the mixer level. If you’re exploiting vinyl it would be dirt on the needle. If you’re still obtaining distortion, then there’s a retardant elsewhere. 


If you’re calm, you’ll be able to spot the fundamental things that you just would possibly otherwise overlook, particularly if you’ve gone into panic mode. And if you’re ready, then you’ll be able to influence something that the DJ in the Faridabad booth throws at you.

Most of all, always remember to get pleasure from what’s, after all, one of the simplest jobs in the world. So for further concern, you can go to to ensure these issues happen therefore correct them with that and watch it on.