The hub & spoke model is an effective and straightforward way to increase traffic to a website with content. A content marketing agency India using the hub & spoke strategy applies a combination of hub and spoke pages to boost a website’s relevance in the eyes of Google. The Hub page is the main page with a section addressing sub-topics, and each sub-topic links to a series of content called the spokes. So, it is an excellent marketing strategy that brings lead generation to the front. Rather than ranking each web page for particular keywords, it creates a hub of pages with higher authority and relevance on a topic.

Today’s companies investing in content marketing can benefit significantly by following the hub & spoke model. It is an excellent strategy to drive traffic and generate leads. Follow these eight steps to improve a site’s organic ranking with content using the hub & spoke strategy.

Keyword Research

Detailed keyword research is the foundation of a successful content marketing strategy. Proper research will help identify the best subjects for hub pages and long-tail keywords for spoke pages. Many keyword research tools included in SEO packages help find short and long-tail keywords on varied topics according to the target audience’s interest.

Mapping Keywords to the Hub Pages

After identifying the keyword data, it’s time to determine which keywords should the hub pages include. Ideally, they should consist of terms with high business authority and search volume. Identifying the short-tail keywords that the target audience uses helps build valuable and original hub page content. 

Mapping Keywords to the Spoke Pages

After identifying the keywords to target on the hub pages, it’s time to determine the long-tail keywords stemming from the topic. However, spoke pages do not require all the long-tail keyword variations on the hub page. For instance, a spoke page stemming from a hub page with the keyword ‘how to drive a car’ should include ‘how to drive a car faster’, ‘how to drive a car backwards’, etc. It must consist of keywords like ‘safe car driving tips’, ‘beginner car driving mistakes’, etc. So, it helps cover every sub-topic during keyword research rather than being one-dimensional.

Creating the URL Structure

The method of content organisation on a site using internal linking and sub-domains clearly indicates a connection. Therefore, it’s crucial to map the hub and spoke pages in a robust URL structure for higher returns. Arranging content into the URL structure silos indicates the domain’s expertise in the area. Grouping several articles into a single hub topic makes the site authoritative.

Content Writing

After laying the hub and spoke content strategy, it’s time to start writing attractive and relevant content. Best quality content that is error-free, engaging, and detailed is sure to outrank others and the target audience. It is particularly applicable to hub pages where short-tail keywords are more relevant than long-tail keywords targeting the spoke pages. 

One effective way to make unique content is to include visual elements on the web pages. Simple additions like annotated images elevate the content from ordinary to exceptional.

Promoting the Pages

Creating the best content is not fruitful until it reaches the right people. That is why spending time on content promotion will help a site dominate the SERPs. A content marketing agency India crafts engaging social media content to push the brand to the followers. It also sends it out in emails with an attractive subject line. Lastly, it executes an outreach marketing campaign to attract the targeted audience.

Tracking the Performance

One of the most significant benefits of using the hub & spoke model is that it streamlines the process of measuring ROI for the content marketing strategy. The uniform structure of the site’s URL makes it easier to discover the most critical driving topics behind the vital metrics. Consequently, accessing relevant data becomes quicker, enabling content marketers to revisit and review the marketing campaign. 

Revisiting and Revising the Pages

Once the hub & spoke model is up and running, it’s imperative to redirect content creation efforts to refresh the existing content. Internal linking is the most lucrative method of improving content. While posting new content, it’s crucial to go back and include internal links to the existing pages.

While investing in a content marketing agency India, using the hub & spoke strategy might bring the best possible ROI. It leads to massive improvement in a website’s content marketing efforts, especially when combined with the best SEO packages from reputed agencies.

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