Outsourcing software development to Vietnam is getting increasingly popular. This is due to Vietnam’s highly skilled workforce. Furthermore, the country boasts one of the lowest costs for IT projects and software outsourcing services, as well as a favorable tax incentive system. This blog post will explain why IT outsourcing Vietnam  is a great Idea

  1. Services That Are Both Reliable And Cost-Effective:

Vietnam is a country with a lot of potential for offshore software development. Labor costs there can be up to 90% cheaper than they are in the United States. In comparison to other developing countries such as China or India, where outsourcing may become more challenging as costs grow, their facilities are quite accommodating (Top 10 Countries list). It becomes easier when things proceed into mature mode since corporations know exactly who they need to negotiate contracts with before anything begins.

  1. Proficiency in English

When it comes to success in the IT sector, language can be a significant obstacle, but not so much when it comes to Vietnam software development outsourcing. Due to cultural differences and language hurdles, certain countries may be resistant to this approach. Vietnam is unconcerned because it is an English-speaking country that is familiar with international standards such as pixel art and Java coding (even if it has no idea what those terms imply).

  1. IT Specialist Schools:

Graduates with a specialty in information and communication technology are sought by companies wishing to outsource software development. Over 250 colleges and universities provide courses in the subject of information and technology. In addition, there are 187 technical schools that offer information and technology courses.

As a result, students can gain knowledge in courses that will help them pursue a career in software development. As a result, as more organizations outsource to Vietnam, more students will opt for a software developer job.

  1. Big Money Investors:

According to the World Bank, Vietnam is among East Asia’s most prosperous rising countries. Due to comprehensive market-oriented and outward-looking economic policies, Vietnam has achieved sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This country ranks 48th out of 157 countries on the human capital index (HCI), second only to Singapore in ASEAN.

Many foreigners are concerned about the communist political system’s rigidity, but it is the solid foundation for this fast-growing economy as well as a stable and secure society. The Vietnamese government is attempting to modernize the economy and make it more conducive to business. Foreign investment is encouraged, and foreign enterprises can easily set up shop in the country.


IT outsourcing is the greatest alternative for companies looking to strike a balance between high-quality service and fair pricing. The worldwide outsourcing sector will assist you in turning your ideas into reality, whether you are a startup or a well-established company. Take use of the geography, the nature of the talent pool, and the cost-effective rate to identify Vietnam as a rising and trusted hotspot for offshore software growth.