Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai is a successful fashion designer and television host, actress, makeup artist, and fashionista. Jeannie has gone through numerous challenges, but she doesn’t give up as she knows exactly what she is looking for in life. Jeannie has been in the spotlight for a long time since she seized the first chance she could get to ascend the ladder to success. Jeannie was fortunate enough to succeed in multiple fields that have significantly helped her rise to fame. This article will discuss Jeannie Mai net worth and other exciting information about this famous personality.

Early Life

Jeannie Mai was born Jeannie Camtui Mai on January 4, 1979. Jeannie lived a very challenging life growing up, as her parents had to take her to work. Jeannie and her siblings Daniel Mai and Dennis Mai were left to fend for themselves when their parents struggled to get by. The incident exposed Jeannie, and one of her relatives began using her sexually. Jeannie thought it would be wise to talk about this with her mother.

While Jeannie was born American by birth, she has mixed ethnicity since her father was Chinese while her mother was Vietnamese. So, most family members that her parents aided came from her mother’s line as they were Vietnamese. Her mother was defensive when Jeannie complained about the family member physically harassing her.

Jeannie Mai Net Worth, Age, height, and weight

So, how old will Jeannie Mai be when she turns 2022? And what are her weight and height? Jeannie Mai was born on January 4, 1979, so on March 23, 2022, she will be 43 years old. Jeannie Mai net worth increased due to her struggle and hard work over these years. Even though she’s 5’4 inches in feet and inches and 162.6 centimeters in height, Jeannie Mai weighs 127.9 pounds Pounds and 50.8kg in Kilograms. Her eyes have a brown color, and her hair color is brunette.


As we have mentioned, her parents were highly dedicated to ensuring they provided the very best to their children, including Jeannie. One of the main aspects they did was to ensure their child’s life was secured through their education. Jeannie began her schooling at Milpitas High School, located in Milpitas. After she graduated from high school, it wasn’t the end of the story because her parents had her enrolled in De Anza College, located in Cupertino, California.

Personal Life

Jeannie was raised as the daughter of a Buddhist. However, she later chose to switch to Christianity. It shaped her life, making her a simple girl. This is evident in her commitment to the responsibilities of her intimate relationships carefully, which is why she’s been in two significant relationships.

Her first love affair began with Freddy Harteis. It wasn’t an easy relationship because they both ended up with marriage. The union, however, lasted for a decade, and then they ended their marriage. They filed for divorce on October 20, 2017, but the divorce was approved in December of 2018. While it’s not verified, it is thought that the couple split because Freddy wanted to have kids, but Jeannie was not interested.

About a year later, after the divorce in September of 2019, Mai was seen in the public eye and revealed that she was involved in a romance with Jazzy. Mai seems highly fortunate to decide on the right guy to be with. April 6, 2021, Jazzy, the musician, admitted that he wasn’t just deeply in love with Jeannie and her family but was willing to live her entire life. He proved it by getting to his knees and proposing to Jeannie.


She was also a stylist at various TV stations like KMAX and KCAL. These are a few reasons that drove her to take on the role of host on TV. It was her first TV show, the show Stir which featured an Asian American TV show. She also hosted various other shows, including Character Fantasy, and MTV among numerous others. Before starting her career Jeannie Mai net worth was nothing but now because o her struggle over these years Jeannie Mai net worth is much increased.


Mai has not just attracted not only attention but is also a highly-respected awardee for her efforts. The awards she’s won include Daytime Emmy for The Host, NAACP Image Awards for The Host, and many more.

Jeannie Mai net worth

Mai has made a considerable fortune through her hard work. Jeannie Mai net worth is expected as $5 million for her by 2022. While this results from her other professions, she takes her work as a presenter more than others. Jeannie Mai went through so many challenges as she grew old. But, that was not enough to stop Jeannie Mai from being the person she wanted to become. We are still hearing about her accomplishments because she never stopped striving.

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Assets of Jeannie Mai

An American actress, Jeannie Mai, has earned critical acclaim throughout her career. Her family has been living in Los Angeles, California since she was born, and she owns a beautiful house there. She stays at her home in Las Vegas whenever she goes on vacation.

There isn’t much to Jeannie Mai’s collection of cars, but it is enough to make anyone jealous. In addition to a Range Rover, she owns a Mercedes AMG GT-R, a Chevrolet, a Corvette, etc.